The pornography industry kills

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This video shocked me and upset me: -

Touching Video

Hi LG,

Thank you for posting that link. I'm afraid that the pink cross campaign will be unsuccessful at stopping the porn industry, but they just might improve conditions for the workers.


yeah touching

I read and listened on for hours now... Another eyeopener about porn, damn I doubted it but I didn't expect it was that bad/horrific:

And btw. Poet, look up Shelley Lubben's site - The pink cross - they seem to be quite successfull. Great job they are doing!
And here's what they found out about masturbation:
I'm not so much into Christianity (as I am not into any religion but into spiritual connection to my own higher self and Gaja, the planetery consciousness), so I don't like that part of it, but it is still great work.

And here's another one: "Masturbation my preciousssss"

Shelley's Site

Hi Fleur,

Yes, I looked at her site before making the comment. I saw her video. I also know the size of the porn industry. Pornography goes back to the earliest civilizations. I applaud Shelley's work. I think she has brought some of the worst excesses to light. But I don't think she can shut them down.


Guilt approach

I personally do not approve of the guilt-edged approach of conventional Christian websites regarding pornography.

While that may make me look hypocritical given the title of this topic; my main aim was simply to point out that the pornography industry is harmful for those who take part in it because it promotes drug abuse, objectification, and seems to have a high suicide rate. Its not fair on the men and women to support this industry. If people do have problems with sexual urges, then it doesn't mean they have to support an unhealthy industry. Still, if people slip-up it doesn't mean they should allow themselves to feel guilty and be full of self-hate. They should not deny their sexual energies, but channel them into oxytocin-producing activities. And yes, this can even involve looking at women but pictures that are non-sexual. Life is a learning process.


feeds this addiction, by making masturbation and even more emotional experience. That's why many people do better just focusing on improving brain chemistry balance.

Shelley does not promote guilt... my opinion. She promotes love and tries to give the self esteem back to all those extremely traumatised porn workers.

The shocking thing for me was this article (posted it above already, don't read if you are a sexual abuse survivor):

I asked myself for a long time if they are not harmed and injured during those hardcore acts. And it is much worse than I could EVER imagine. They don't enjoy it, it is PLAIN horrible real torture and destruction of the body as much as the soul, while being forced to keep a (horny) smile.

Violence + injury + pain + sexual intrusion + negative affirmations + not being allowed to express = the components to split up personalities into multiple personalities, btw. Which works even "better" if they think it is their own choice.

Btw. I posted the "Porn industry" film about those who died on facebook but it is now deleted. Because of the word porn? What a pity, people have to know about this.

The problem

The problem is that there are a large minority who genuinely enjoy being porn actors and have made careers out of it. The industry varies and some parts almost have Hollywood production values. So I guess we should be careful when we focus on the horror-stories because addicts can simply justify their own addictions by saying "well, I only go to the trusted and transparent industry sites". However, this does not take away the fact there is a high suicide and drug-abuse rate in the pornography industry compared to young people in other comparative industries. There are also problems with people who enter it and stay too long and end up having problems finding other careers because of large gaps in their employment. Nevertheless, not everybody kills themselves or overdoses on drugs and the addict will try to justify this by saying "well how am I supposed to know what they will do in the future?".

did you read the stories of

did you read the stories of the former porn stars? they sound very much alike.
and they even admit that they lie and lied to make people believe, being a porn star is a good life.

It's the torture, the injuries, the hospitalitations that lead to suicide and whatever. And that happens right at the moment it is filmed - which means at the moment it is watched. The porn addicts I know would be disgusted by knowing they are watching sexually deseased people, with AIDS and Herpes and whatnot, and they REALLY think those people are free of STDs, and those women are enjoying the being punched inside.
No woman without painkillers will enjoy that. Those who say they do, lie.

That's what Shelley tries to show: there are no white sheeps in this family, and those who say, they are, they just lie to endure and to supress all the trauma. Even those who did put up websites to show how much they like it, did admit that they lied, when they finally got out of the industry.

I will send this information to the two porn addicts I have been with, let's see how they react.

It doesn't matter what you tell an addict

Addiction exists despite good intentions. It doesn't matter whether the addict knows that the porn industry harms its actors. He will still watch it. That's what addiction is. People smoke despite knowing what tobacco is doing to THEM. The physical compulsion is too strong. You have to have a tremendous amount of willpower if you are going to face it head on. Replacing the behavior with a better one is far more successful than telling someone the harm he is (indirectly) causing.

I would also be careful about broad generalizations, such as, "No woman without painkillers will enjoy that." I have met men and women (not actors, but "real" people) who are wired to associate pain and pleasure. I couldn't believe it and just kept asking the question until I met a sub who explained the BDSM "scene" to me. I almost cried at her description. I don't mean to associate any real people from the scene with actors posing in films. I have no reason to believe there is any overlap between the two groups. But the lesson I learned is to start from the position that we are all making the best of the situation as we see it.


Remember, Fleur

that addicts do not WANT to be hooked. They are looking for a way out, too. But until they restore their brain's equilibrium, guilt only makes the addiction worse.

could there be compassion instead of guilt?

I mean - the porn addicts that I know personally have still a heart in their chest, and they might feel empathy and compassion and pity. But you're right... I feel a bit of guilt, too, because I was watching porn with one of them and got into it pretty much. But it did not make me aggressive against the actors - I remember that I cried for one of the girls because I felt her hurt. And I always did wonder (but really wonder) why those guys never caress and pamper those very beautiful women.


I think porn makers understand brain chemistry intuitively. They want addicted customers, not balanced customers. Images that produce oxytocin would create more balance and compassion.

Dominance, on the other hand, ups testosterone, which heightens the dopamine response...which fosters the dopamine cycle of intense highs...and lows...and need for more highs.

Men are more vulnerable for at least two reasons. They respond more to visual stimuli and they have much more testosterone.

Porn has nothing to do with real life or real relationship feelings. It's a drug for over-stimulating the brain.

Thanks for the links

Touching video and nice web site.

I didn't know Shelley Lubben nor her web site. Facts and truth always help. I am grateful for what she does, as are, I am sure, all the former porn workers who are being helped on their way out of this industry. Check the videos of the former "stars" who cry out of gratitude for finding a supporting hand during their transition to a better, new carrier.

I like her simple message: Porn is not glamorous. Get the facts. Get help. This is an important message, too, that has its role. It is so trendy nowadays in certain geek or teenage milieus to claim and be proud of one's porn collection. Porn is so much more than all the rest in this degenerate society based on lies. We already knew that, but it was enlightening to see the former actresses testify on how much they were also being lied to. The glamour is a lie. Porn indeed is not glamorous.

I am very grateful for Ms. Lubben. In this sad world, every little bit helps, and I suspect that she is helping a lot.

Porn Kills?

I could make a video that says that rock n roll kills, but it would have a way better song!

Correlation is not causation. Porn doesnt help these troubled people, but they are not victims to circumstance anymore than any addict is to any drug or process. How could I not have a choice (holding my environment responsible) when I succumb to an addictive urge, and have a choice when I do not? Unless I am forced beyond my will, I always have a choice. The line becomes blurry when an addict loses their higher faculties and seemingly their will, but even in the darkest days of a person's addiction, I feel that they are able to act upon their will. True, it usually takes an environmental "misfortune", but the person will is the component that responds to that. We are not victims of our environments and porn is not the enemy. Porn is a symptom.

Pornography is not glamorous

Unlike the rock n roll industry; we have a lot more men and women dying at young ages from suicide\self-destructive practices in the sex industries. It is an industry of exploitation.

However, and this is important. My own understanding is that people like Shelly Lubben should continue reaching out to porn workers or to people who are very new to the industry. But I personally think that she should avoid reaching out to addicts because there is a lot of loaded emotion when it comes to sex addiction. I encourage addicts to stick to Marnia's resources.

Please don't compare industries

All exploitation is bad, whether it is in the treatment of factory workers, foreign labourers, sex trade workers or the music industry. If you feel that the music industry is glamorous, you probably have not have tried to make a living at it. Young bands are promised the moon and then are ruthlessly exploited by industry insiders. Only a very few make any money at all. There are also a lot of suicide / self-destructive practices there too. Let's not compare the two industries.

I agree that individuals have a choice. But I also think that we shouldn't punish someone for their whole life if they make a bad decision. We need to be there to help people recover and make better choices.


The good thing about this post was...

...even if it was and is really shocking, that it made me research on this stuff and I understand much better, what is happening there, now.

And I'm asking: Is orgasm leading to aggression? It looks pretty much like that. The more orgasm-oriented, the more aggressive and anti-social? Is the aggresion part of nature's plan? Does that apply more for men then women?