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I was wondering this question myself. Here is my case. Months ago i posted on this about wanting to regain sex drive, and wanting to find a significant other. Well i have done that, and sex is actually now a positive part of our relationship. I found that after about 4 weeks of not looking at any type of P and MB that it was far easier for me. I think i kind of reset my mind. Its alot easier for me to get aroused by my girlfriend, and i feel and have saw from other users that this is a big key.

Me and my girlfriend has been together for about 3 weeks now, again we have been having sex with orgasm. Everything has been going way better than i expected. However sometimes the urge to look at P and MB comes back into my head. Now i don't act upon it, but sometimes i come dangerously close to doing so. Its a little discouraging because i ask myself "why am i still getting aroused by these P images in my head". I have read up on the subject, i wanted to know, if i don't act out and MB to these images again, will it start to become easier. I know when we MB to something, orgasm can reinforce it, but again if i stay away and fight off the urges, do they become less and less. I know it will take much longer than four weeks, but again things have been going alot better lately. I feel like i'm making progress, but i don't wanna fall back into P.

I think you're

figuring this out for yourself.

Orgasm feels great in the moment. Wink But it's the beginning of a two-week cycle of recovery. When you keep piling them on...even with a loving goddess...your body is in recovery a lot (even though it's going on at a subconscious level).

That means low dopamine. And your primitive limbic brain (the old mammalian part) knows just the cure for low dopamine: anything that will give you a spike of dopamine.

It "knows" that porn is a sure way to make that happen...with as much certainty as Old Faithful, the Yellowstone geyser.

So there's definitely a connection between those splendid orgasms with your foxy goddess and the cravings for porn. If you didn't have a history of porn, and you were a gambler, you might be craving a trip to the casino. And if you had a history of alcohol, you'd be extra thirsty right now.

Your brain is trying to medicate the lows. Best cure is to minimize them in the first place. Can you try making love without orgasm, or with far fewer orgasms? Just as an experiment? Tell your sweetie you're a tantric master. Wink