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The following is an abstract of an article I found on my computer. The author is unknown. As I am uncertain of it’s “scientific” source I am posting it here.


In 1959, the French scientist Louis Kervran made some laboratory experiments on the biological transmutation of different organisms in different conditions. His conclusions show the existence of the extraordinary phenomenon.

The researchers extended their studies to sexual and erotic functions, pointing out a process of biological transmutation both for man and for woman.

They concluded that, these processes of transmutation could be controlled and released at will especially by the yoga practitioners.

They are able to endlessly suspend the ejaculatory discharge and the coming of menstruation. When the couple want to have a baby they can return to these normal physiological manifestations, which are now accompanied by an extraordinary vitality.

Sexual transmutation implies a constant use of sexual substance by the means of a permanent control over intercourse with sexual continence during some intense erotic states.

It is synonymous to a food consumption that is gradually turned into energy. This energy will be then sublimed in more and more refined types of energy, leading to an endless series of quick transformations in our being, according to our intentions.

Thanks to this huge process of transmutation, the resultant energy will greatly amplify our inner latent powers and will remove the common limits of our consciousness.

L. Kervran’s main works about this have been published in French as the “Evidences of the existence of the biological transmutation and the transmutation at low energy”.

Nowadays, it is known that each atom of our physical body contains an energy equivalent to 200.000.000 eV.

Yoga offers precise methods for a gradual release of this power, which is “chained” in the atoms of the cells, tissues, organs, etc.
We superficially consider that our entire body is material. But the sexual potential of any human being contains –– “confined in substance” –– hundreds of thousands millions of volts.

According to the Oriental tradition, a conscious control of the sexual functions leads to transmutation reactions that gradually awaken huge inner biomagnetic energy.

The mechanisms of biological transmutation can be discovered by everyone through practice. Its fascinating effects will convince you that a BIOLOGICAL TRANSMUTATION does exist.

The sublimation of the resulting energy is the process of inner shifting and change that results from the transmutation. The energies change their vibratory frequency while passing through the levels of the being (chakras), generating specific, obvious and lasting effects corresponding to those levels.

Sublimation is then a process that follows transmutation. Sublimation redirects the pulsatory sexual energies towards other levels, towards a nonsexual goal, which harmonizes the vital, psychic, mental or spiritual levels.

The main goal of Tantra practice is the complete union of the two opposite principles within the discipleÂ’s soul and body.

Revealed especially for present epoch, Tantra aims at the reach of the androgynous state (accessible to anyone), which can be accomplished by harmonizing within our being the two opposite and complementary principles, generating spiritual power or knowledge.

We can foresee the possibility of a Tantric couple to gradually achieve a glorious state. But, we must remember that the liberating androgynous state can be achieved by anyone, man or woman, whether we are to meet our “soul mate” or our other “half” or not.

No matter what we have chosen to practice on our spiritual path –– abstinence or the continence of a couple –– we can achieve the androgynous state through an inner completion, at all levels of our being, of the other polarity.

Through the union of the two opposite aspects of our being (yin and yang) by the means of a spiritual practice, the initiated can accomplish that state of consciousness which yoga calls samadhi -- ecstatic bliss.

Biological Transmutation

That's great stuff!
Thank you Arjay for posting it.

It's the first time I hear about Kervran.
I searched the web but couldn't find the exact article you posted. A lot can be found on Louis Kervran and his findings, however.

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