Radical Love & Relationship Workshops

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Radical Love & Relationship Workshop
Thurs., Feb. 4th at 7PM
674 A 23rd Street (near MLK), Oakland, CA 94612
Tel: (510)208-1700
$15-10, sliding scale, Everyone welcome

Building on her feminist critique of love and relationships, Wendy presents the major concepts and challenges that we face trying to re-invent our relationships outside the dominant social paradigm. Radical love is the freedom to love whom you want, how you want, and as many as you want, so long a personal integrity, respect, honesty, and consent are at the core of any and all relationships. Radical love primarily focuses on love and intimacy, not sex and sexual conquest. At the heart of this work are three components: feminism, social activism, and revolution. The workshop is followed by a discussion and intended to create a non-judgmental support group.

Wendy-O Matik is the author of “Redefining Our Relationships: Guidelines for Responsible Open Relationships,” a feminist critique of love and relationships outside the status quo. As an educator and spokesperson for the polyamory community, Wendy has become a revolutionary activist of the heart. Since the release of her book, she has taught over a hundred "Radical Love & Relationship" workshops internationally, helping to reshape the future of alternative relationship models for the 21st century. As an activist for social change, Wendy is pushing the boundaries on firmly rooted notions in mainstream society on relationships, love, gender, sexual equality, and sexual politics. She is available for educational and motivational discussions on the topic of alternative relationship models and responsible non-monogamy. Visit her at http://www.wendyomatik.com

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Hi Wendy,

You've been a member here for 14 weeks and your only contribution to the discussion has been notices about your workshop on relationships. Please participate in the discussion. I'd love to know more about you and your research. Maybe if I felt that I knew you, my first response to a post like this wouldn't be that this is spam and should be deleted.


Wendy has been kind enough

to post this in the "Commercial" section of the Forum, where it belongs. Wink I don't know her, but she PM'd me that she is a polyamorist, so she may be a bit shy about posting. Thanks for encouraging her.