Just realizing I am addicted to porn.

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Hello Everyone, this is my first time visiting this site. I have been looking around on the internet for resources for people who are addicted to porn, and let me say, to find one that is not religiously biased is next to impossible so I am glad I have found this site that does not seem to communicate from a point of view with religion in mind.

I am just now realizing I am addicted to pornography. I have tried to stop once before and the longest I went was about two weeks. It seems I cannot orgasm without pornography anymore. I am going to start to try to quit cold turkey today and hopefully I can do it! I can tell that this addiction is affecting my relationships in my life and is making me feel like I am not a good person.

Anyways, just wanted to make myself known, thanks!

Welcome to the site. Yes it

Welcome to the site. Yes it is a good place. Lots of good people here. Everyone is helpful.

I wish I could be of a little more help tonight. I am just not in the best state for it. I hopefully will be better later and be back with something helpful to add.

just wanted to welcome you to the site.

Too short a reply...

But in the short term, when the cravings start - I'm a firm believer in breath control, slow, in thru the nose, out thru the mouth - similar to a woman in labor, if you can focus on it, it can strongly distract/ease from the longings - I've also found it works with actual interaction with a partner if the edge gets too close.

Sometimes the truth isn't good enough. Sometimes people deserve more; sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded.

Welcome FS

Glad you've realized the true culprit of the changes you experienced.

In learning about this fascinating subject of porn addiction (which was not the POINT of founding this website Wink ), I've realized why there are so many religious-based sites. It's because there are so many religious addicts. Smile Seriously. As you realize ANYone can get hooked on today's Internet porn. It's just such a powerful brain-manipulating form of superstimulation.

But if you've been told sex is "wrong" or "sinful" and threatened with "hell," then it should be evident that porn is going to produce and even BIGGER brain chemical trip. (Adrenaline + dopamine REALLY wire the brain fast!).

So that community needs a lot of help. Unfortunately, keeping guilt in the picture just makes relapses more likely...so I think those folks would actually make more progress with a really neutral approach that's just about learning how the brain learns and why porn is such an easy lesson. Smile

Anyway, nice to have you. Good luck with your mission!


to the club freshstart2010 :).....the material you will find here is so convincing just because it keeps moral judgements and religions away....that was my principal attraction to the site...no one judges you, but everyone points out the "action-reaction" consequences of our actions....this logical, non-judgemental and scientific method of analysing and helping is such a turn on! (no pun intended!)

Wish you success in your endeavour....


Why not join the count

FS? Some of us find it useful to count the number of days of abstinence and share with one another- as well as relapses of course. I have found it an added incentive, a sort of 'accountability' exercise if you like. I managed to resist twice in my 22 days so far, because I thought I would be letting others down in their efforts, as well as myself. However, if i relapse its OK, everyone very sympathetic and we help pick ourselves up and re-start. Its the striving which is noble, does not have to be dressed up as religion. I have chucked shame and guilt away with the help of this site.

So day 22, in the public and daring to look at females, about four of whom nearly connected up that rigged up brain circuitry which leads inexorably to orgasm! resisted, weirdly because as another friend has cited, beginning to forget how an orgasm feels! So maybe just at the start of a dissasociation betwen a pretty form and orgasm: disassembling the network circuitry in the brain I guess.

This is such early days (22 days Vs 40 years!) to be making such proclamations, but it did feel different today. I am mourning my porn blanket still, a 'reward' for a day's work, a comfort when angry or depressed, a celebration when life feels good. Oh but the price to pay...


for sharing the shifts in perception. Amazing...even if subtle.

And believe me...I don't think you ever entirely lose your orgasm wiring, you just lower the screaming in your limbic system so you can hear other parts of your brain. Wink