Monogamy, Karazza, and Balance;

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Having very recently joined this network, I am very thankful for all the contributions I have read.

One issue I am trying to balance is the tension between a life of less and less orgasm and monogamy. While I think we all agree that frequent orgasm has the affect of making one's feeling toward one's spouse lessen over time due to the habituation effect. However, I am also noticing the powerful affect a person can have on the opposite sex when one abstains from orgasm for a period of time. For those on the young side, that affect can happen rather rapidly, a few days or so.

In the past, while orgasm may have led to a feeling of disillusionment in marriage, it also had the affect of making it difficult connecting with others, especially those of the opposite sex. Now, with karazza, with the sharpness of the mind and the power of the testosterone, others seems so easy to approachable. One's magnetism is greatly enhanced. No fear?

What then is the solution? Having time for Kazazza three or four times a week can be difficult because of work and children, but very necessary so that the balancing of the hormones can be maintained. Frequent orgasm may help a person become less desirable to others but one's personal/professional fulfillment may suffer.

Does any one feel that tension in their lives?

Are you engaging

in daily bonding behaviors, even when you don't have time to make love?

Some of them are so simple that you can do them as you fall asleep. We find them very balancing and bonding Wink ...even if we do them for only a moment or two each day. Check out the list here.

I don't know where you are in the cycle, but Gary also says that after a rare orgasm, he feels extra horny for about two weeks. We haven't tried the technique of pouring cool water over his genitals to remove the charge, but maybe we will next opportunity. Wink

My Advice

Hi Michael,

My advice to you is to get there first and then see how you feel. Don't worry too much. Focus on your partner more than yourself.