Podcast: Use Your “Porn Cycle Timing” to Get the Help You Need

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Another really good Candeo podcast. It discusess phases of porn addiction, and the trap of perfectionism in attempt control ones adduction. Focuses on what he calls - Control and release phases.



Excellent Podcast

Especially when he discusses the trap of perfectionism. Honestly, that bit alone is probably an issue that a number of the male members need to listen to. It was the key that let me succeed from breaking the addiction as well.

When I was younger, I would do the same "moral crusade" in my mind that the speaker addresses. The fist pounding, "never again" attitude. And, like he says, you end up literally creating your own chemical enhanced rollercoaster of extreme control, followed by fatigue, the breakdown, and orgasm as release, followed by regaining of the senses, outrage... and ad nauseum.

It's like clockwork. But when I made my attempt over the summer, I held no goal other than "no climax". I watched porn because I wanted to. Wasn't necessarily a "great" path to take, but I just decided that if I did anything, I at least wouldn't reward myself all the time like I used to. Eventually, I broke down, but by the time I did, I was so used to not rewarding myself, that taking porn out of the equation, finally, actually proved much easier.

Not that I'm advocating that people keep watching porn while not masturbating. I lucked out, to be honest. But when I finally did orgasm, I simply smiled and kept on rolling with the punches. It's funny how expectations, for many of us, actually backfire. We're taught to create high standards. Sometimes, individuals don't have a problem creating standards in the first place, but we train ourselves to make impossibly high ones anyway.