Don't want to cheat on your wife? Don't try this.

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I apologize in advance. [schock]
Removing the Temptation to Cheat - From a fellow Psychology Today blogger.


re: Don't want to cheat on your wife? Don't try this.

I think being in a marriage is contract that you have to be faithful to your husband or wife. What will you feel when you will be the one who is betrayed? If you dont want to be tied in one man or woman for life, then dont get married. If we're going to empirically define marriage, it can be only encapsulated thusly – as a legal contract between people to entwine themselves in surroundings and finances. It's a legal agreement as far as the state is concerned – and despite the protests, nothing will stop people from living together. Unwed couples have legal recourse as well, through cohabitation agreements, as pre-nuptials for those unwed. It may cost a payday loans worth, but if you are considering one have an attorney draft, otherwise it could be deemed non-binding.