excerpt of "Post-orgasmic shift in perception"

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This is an excerpt of a post in The Book section which I thought was appropriate for Eureka! too:

... I can say that nothing can compare with prolonged lovemaking without ejaculation; the feelings that can swell up are beyond the ability to describe in words. For the first time, you know how it really feels to 'be in love', if I can call it that; you start saying silly, romantic things to your partner that you may regret later but you don't care because you simply feel SO GOOD! And because you don't want those exquisite feelings to end on a depressing note, you find it easy to avoid the final orgasmic climax, which always seems to put me in the dumps after any bout of lovemaking, long or short. I've come to see that when it comes to eroticism, women are FAR more evolved than men, who are essentially at the horseshoe crab level of erotic development; we have to LEARN to be sensual and erotic and it does take some time to do this.

If there's a potential drawback to these practices, it's that you seem to become much more interested in women and tend to think about sensual and erotic things more often when you adhere to these techniques consistently (but at a far more refined and romantic level). Or at least I do! It might have something to do with the male brain. Still, the pleasure you get from making love this way is orders of magnitude greater than what you experience from simply 'having sex' in the the boring old style. I hope your work leads others to this wonderful experience. Feel free to use anything I write