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Hi, I am 18 years old and I am looking to break my bad habit of watching porn. I go introduced to it around the age of 13 and have been addicted to it ever since. I am talking about internet porn of course (the only kind I know). I have read all of your articles on and they make so much sense(the high and lows, dopamine, the guilt afterward). I want about this past week without masturbating or using porn because I was inspired by those articles. But then yesterday I started to watch a few clips and than today I failed to prevent myself from masturbating while watching. I was trying to make at least two weeks but it didn't work out. So I thought I should come find this site you were talking about in your articles and it is just great. I am hoping that I can use this thread to post everyday my progress. I think this will help by holding me accountable to show everyone my progress. Today obviously does not count so I will start with tomorrow. Wish me good luck.

Good Luck Bro

A week is an amazing start....well done! Put your "failure" behind you and focus on your success.
What positive thing are you going to do next time you have an urge to look?


My mistake in previous times was looking at the one point where I fell off the boat, instead of the week, two weeks, one time a month, that I successfully resisted. So anytime I tried to refrain, when I let it happen, I ended up giving up on trying to refrain again. But I should have got back on the horse. Instead, my mind told me, "See, I can't do this."

I don't know what I was thinking!

You are already doing well.

You are already doing well. That is a great mind set to have. learning from a relapse. Do not let relapses get you down too much. They are going to happen most likely. Any time spent resisting the addiction helps to break its hold. It may take some time. I am still dealing with it myself. You can also now see how that mind can trick you into slipping back. That thought of just a look. Well you were able to look a little and nothing bad happened so look a little longer this time. Then before you know it relapse. I have been there. It is easy for the addicted mind to slip in and start auto pilot. The good news is that you are already seeing that. You have learned from it. You are also taking the next big step which is great. That is getting right back to resisting. I am not going to lie it will be tough. You seem to be doing well though. Just keep doing what you have started and it will work for you. It will get easier as time goes by.

Good luck
Be Safe

Thank You

Thanks to everyone who posted and I'm looking forward to breaking this bad habit with everyone else who is struggling with it. Also thanks for the blogging powers. I will be posting my progress in there.