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I've been wondering about some possible long term effects from practicing non orgasmic sex. According to the Gnostic tradition utmost importance is given to the elimination of the egos/defects (eg, gluttony, laziness, lust, envy, anger, fear, pride). This is because they constantly drain the body of vital energy and have trapped most of our divine energy. A large component of this tradition is sexual alchemy (non orgasmic sex) which transmutes the sexual energy into another type of energy which can be used for spiritual persuits such as elimination of the egos. I'm wondering if one performs the sexual alchemy but without a lot of work on the comprehension and elimination of the egos, then those egos could actually have more energy to feed on and therefore strengthen rather than weaken. I do wonder about whether in the long term, people who are practicing sex without orgasm find that maybe they have put on weight, are a bit more lazy, envious of others, etc, etc. From what I read in Peace, this isn't the case in the short term, or did I read incorrectly and it is also in the long term?