She saw God, I wish I felt it too

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Hi guys, I had this experience with a friend who was a girl, I?m a guy. We met through my brother, and we were all hanging out and at the end of the night, I sort of climbed into her bed and and we just talked and snuggled for a few hours, it felt good to just feel the energy and electricity between us, and I was moderately attracted to her. She is a very spiritually in tune person, so that makes her even more attractive to me. We ended us sleeping very little the whole night together in many different positions with very little sexual petting, just pure love, and enjoying the others energy and sharing one?s own. The next day was awkward as I woke up and didn?t want the others to think very much was going on between us, because I didn?t want to mess with the group?s natural energy, even though I consequently did anyway. So she and I didn?t talk very much the rest of the day. That afternoon as I was going home, I was giving her a hug, we live 4 hours apart, she had smoked some pot earlier, and she just looked up into my eyes and totally opened up and had the most blissful googly smile like a baby on her face, as she just went limp in the body. She was staring at me, straight up at me, like she was is total bliss and truth and beauty. I was holding her up, and we all thought she was playing a joke, and we were laughing, and then we realized she wasn?t doing it on purpose, so we laid her down. I had to go to catch a boat.

The next day I found out, she went and lied down on the bed and everyone was around her, all wanting to touch her to get a piece of the experience that she described as seeing God, and angels were all around her calling her; she was in total bliss. She had to make a choice to go that place or go back to her friends who were calling her name and chasing the angels away. Yea, sounds nutty, but who knows what is going on in our subconscious when we are in that state. It happened to her again a few days later while she was working, unfortunately at the top of some stairs. This never happened to her before and hasn?t since. I?m sure it had something to do with the light sexual tension and energetic exchange that we had the night before.

Any comments, suggestions, or explanations would be helpful. Anyone been through something like this before? I had no idea any of it happened while I was hugging her, so it was a very personal experience that gave off no tangible energy.



I don't think it's a good idea to take anyones version of events or experiences as truth when they're taking drugs. Drugs, even mild forms of drugs such as pot or alcohol severely dull the mind and consciousness and degenerate the etheric/vital body. It sounds like an hallucination and also, she should probably get medical help if she's incapable of functioning in a normal manner at work or doing simple things around the house. Maybe a detox program would help her. That as well as non-orgasm sex in a giving, meaningful relationship may help to heal her body on a physical and spiritual level.