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Hi folks,

I haven't posted in awhile. I finally made time to sign up for this Forum. I wanted to re-extend the invitation to come participate at Network for a New Culture's Summer Camp. Marnia will be one of the presenters in the second week. Summer Camp is a two week camp-out with about 120 people who come together to share time and workshops in the arena of community building, communication skills, alternative relationship styles (Summer Camp is where I first heard of Marnia's book). This year, in the first week, we will have full workshops in Non-Violent Communications, Human Awareness Institute (HAI) experiences and Heart of Now--which helps people drop their emotional armoring. The second week will have several presenters: Marnia, people from Body Electric and more. If you register by June 15th the price of camp is as low as $500 - that includes food, camping and all the program!

Here's the website: http://www.nfnc.org/sc/ and here's a description from the organization:

A few things to know about Summer Camp:

* We are a small grass roots group, with the intention of making our camp available to those of all income levels.

* This yearÂ’s camp will be held August 6th - 20th, in a community that is about 30 miles northwest of Medford, OR.

* The camp is clothing optional in most areas.

*There is a sex positive attitude at camp, and many forms of relationship and family composition are practiced and accepted.

* Most folks camp out. There are private cabins and/or large tents available to presenters, if desired.

* Three vegetarian meals per day are provided. There is also a separate kitchen where personal foods may be prepared and stored.

* The atmosphere can become quite remarkable in terms of openheartedness, deep connection, and magic.

* Many workshops will be offered to allow and encourage adults to explore their sexuality. There will also be a sacred adult play space designated for this purpose. This is a fully optional part of camp, yet our intention is that it be openly recognized and celebrated as a unique opportunity for healing and exploration for those who wish to make use of these resources.

All the best, Amberllyn