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It is with great trepidation that I offer this link for exploration. Houzan Suzuki here expounds the teachings of his Zen master EO in the area of sex. His work embraces sexuality from conventional (orgasmic) to the spiritual practice presented in part below. Regardless, this work has itÂ’s own special place.

Houzan writes:

Master EO opened Satori (full enlightenment) in February 1992, and passed away in October 1994. He had left 9 volumes during this relatively short period of three years. 98 % of the subject matter was on Japanese Zen, on the Taoism of Lao Tzu, and on the different dimensions of the universe. The subject of sex is rather scarce.

He was seeing great difficulty during the process of guiding meditation and Koan for the people. The fact was that even how eagerly they practiced Zazen, their energy would not rise (transmute) if they had not experienced satisfaction in sex previously.

Therefore, he completely divided sex and mediation. He made techniques purely for sex instead of such systems popular in the west today, which combine mediation fundamentals, kundalini techniques, and sexual techniques.

The Mysticism of Sex - By Houzan Suzuki

Have you ever had following types of experiences?

It was really great when you were holding, caressing your lover with your clothes still on, but suddenly something had gone away once getting naked, and you felt as if some quality has been lost.

Or, it was great when you were naked and holding and touching each other, but once in penetration, you felt the loss of something instead of a greater feeling of union. Also, it was good while united and moving together, but somehow, you were frustrated after the orgasm even though it was good.

In the extreme case, it was a pleasure and peaceful to look into each other's eyes from a distance, but once you held the hands or touched, it felt so "physical" and as if something was not in the right place.

These phenomena happen relatively often to women. Of course it also happens to men at their subconscious level. Women tend to get some satisfaction "mentally" even without physical orgasm, while men will usually experience frustration without ejaculation. For women, it is possible to be happy just with loving hugs and caressing. The physical orgasm is not important in some cases. But how can that be?

The usual sexual union, starts when two physical bodies try to make a contact. Then not quite satisfied just by holding each other with their clothes on, they get naked.
When the naked contact is not enough, penetration follows. Not quite satisfied even when united, they thrust against each other resulting in ejaculation and orgasm.

Needless to say, this is the usual "process of instinctive sex". That is, the closer contact is made, the more "the frustration of the partial union" rapidly "descends" down to the actions of further physical dimension.

But what will happen if "intentionally", thrusting movement is limited during the penetration and the orgasm is not attained, the penetration is avoided even when caressing each other while naked, the clothes are kept on even while holding together, some distance is kept while facing each other?

In other words, what will happen if the usual processes 1 to 4 is traced backward step by step?

Sex of the etheric body

If both men and women intentionally hold off their orgasm while keeping penetration, the energy that could not be released via the sexual center will try to leave from the center one step higher via the navel chakra, toward the partner's navel.
At this time, the male "energy" stretches out as if a pipe made of light, or as if it is a penis made of light and penetrates into the navel (around uterus) of the female partner.

And this condition marks the change in the dimension of sex, from the union of the physical body to a one step higher union of the etheric body.

Nevertheless, to reach satisfaction at this second body level, you had better know that it requires around 40 minutes of penetration.

Although the pleasure from this may seem inadequate initially, the quality of pleasure steps up from that of a physical nature into somewhat mental level as time goes by. The female partner would feel the swelling sensation of much greater scale than the one made by a penis in her stomach. Metaphorically, she may feel as if a huge penis with more than 10 cm (4 inches) in diameter is present in her stomach. Women who like sex at this level prefer a man with plenty of gut level strength who doesn't fear a lot.

Sex of the astral body

Afterwards, if the penetration is withheld intentionally, while caressing and holding each other, the navel center would start blaming with frustration this time, and the energy will try to unite finally at the breast chakra. Then a ray of light will mutually extend from the breast chakra toward that of the partner. At this time, the fusion of the couple happens in the dimension of the third body (astral body). If you make a firm contact breast to breast, and imagine that both breasts are blending into one, it would be better.

The pleasure here is rather similar to a "longing" for a deep sense of union. It is the same level of energy as the heart pounding sensation you may feel when deeply in love. There is "a strange sensation of happiness that somehow includes a little pain of sadness" deep in the breast. It is also similar to the pain of "not attaining the sensation of total freedom" even though there is a heart breaking feeling of expansion. During the fusion at breast level, the energy does not run from man to woman. It has a nature of pouring from the breast of the woman into the breast of the man. This is because, for women, the breast is Yang and the genitals are Yin, while for men, the penis is Yang and the breast is Yin. Thus a man plays a receptive role in the union at the breast level.

Women who like sex at this level prefer a man of "heart", that is to say, a sensitive and slightly fragile man who stimulates the mothering instinct. It only takes 10 minutes to reach a complete sense of satisfaction at this third body level. In other words, the fusion of the hearts takes 10 minutes.

But for a normal couple, especially for a normal man, 10 minutes is the maximum time for an intercourse at this dimension. After that, they can't hold the urge of penetrating. A man can continue "normal cunnilingus" or "normal foreplay" for an hour. But if "the fusion of the breasts" is done for 10 minutes or so, the urge to "get connected" becomes so much that the desire usually drops down to a lower dimension. Yet if you continue the fusion of the breasts resisting this urge for more than 10 minutes, there is a saturation point somewhere and a complete satisfaction can be attained solely by the fusion of the breasts.

* * * Interlude * * *

Above this level, the exchanges of energy are not limited by gender or species. These exchanges of energy are possible between the people of same gender, or different kinds of animals". Those who only have their sexual and navel center functioning are limited to sexual energy exchanges of a physical order or a simple exchange of etheric energy. Thus, homosexuality happens. Usually homosexuals establish a mental connection before a physical one. Later the physical relationship is established. This is why so-called "platonic relations" are important in a homosexual relationship. People born with a homosexual orientation have the reversed polarity of mental gender. It is not just an indifference to the opposite sex at a physical level. They first feel from " the heart". It is not a simple physical desire.

Also, the higher the center of gravity of consciousness, the more one possess the quality (?) to be homosexual. Even though the higher center of gravity of consciousness and being intellectual may not have a direct correlation, as far as I have observed, gay and lesbian people tend to be intellectual and/or calm sympathetic people with a reflective nature. However, it is the "natural" process for all straight couples, as well as homosexuals, to begin with "heart-full love" and then to proceed to a desire for sex.

This is the reason why having sex to satisfy only the physical desire will end up in vain after all. Moreover, a man (or a woman) who looks at the member of an opposite sex with lustful eyes does not qualify to study this kind of teaching nor to practice it.

Sex of the mental body

Now, if you "deliberately" keep your clothes on while holding and hugging each other, there will be a frustration that the breasts can't get connected. Then, the chakra of the neck and the head will try to unite with the opposite sex. As a result, a "penis of light" from the man's forehead extends to the woman's forehead, just like the horn of unicorn. This union is in the dimension of fourth body (mental body).

It is from the longing for the union at this level that the desire to connect head to head and caress face to face during love arises. It is also to strengthen the union at this level that a man gives caress to neck, ear, forehead, hair of a woman, in general. Again, it is for the desire to unite at this level that women likes a man who gives good kiss.

This makes a woman feel dizzy, loosing the sense of equilibrium and the awareness of this world. Something like "losing consciousness" or "the death of ego" through sex does not happen unless the union of this level or higher is made. While "attachment to one's own character" becomes scarce by sex at this level, one's "sense of existence of consciousness" does not disappear, yet. Women who like sex at this level prefer a man with a high ability of mental concentration, who may have piercing eyes.

Required time to get a satisfaction at this fourth body level is, only 2 minutes and a half.
But usually, the desire to hold tightly the partner would become so strong after 2 minutes. If you dare to keep the exchange only by the head, a complete satisfaction will happen.

* * * * * * * * *

Let me tell a little spiritual side. It is at this level that "getting ecstasy after only a few seconds of hand to hand contact" is possible in the union during out of Body experience, or between devas in Buddhist stories. Someone who has experienced deep ecstasy at this level feels sex of physical or etheric level somewhat cheep.

By the way, "Taoist sex" practiced to improve one's health is nothing other than the product of male (or female) ego. This type of activity will leave "Karma toward opposite sex" as Daiji Dantes has pointed out.

Of course, there is a lot of valuable information in Taoist sex such as warning against wrong sexual practices that will lead to health problems. But basically, sexual matter should be treated as a matter of its own. You should not use body of someone else for the benefit of your own health.

Sex of spiritual body

Finally, if you sit 50 cm (about 2 feet) apart from each other still keeping your clothes on, the desire for the fusion will manifest as a light ray from the chakra at top of the head. The sense of union at the fifth body level is "a total self-satisfaction that could be completely subjective" or "enclosed bliss" without feeling the partner nor the exterior world.

At this dimension, no distinction of self and other is possible. Furthermore, the sense of individuality becomes faint, and finally the sense of existence will be lost. Women who like the union at this level prefer a fully enlightened man.

By the way, the time required for the union at this level is "zero" second. In other words, the union will be impossible if the least amount of time is necessary. It has to be in "a moment" to be united. This level of union includes not only between couple, animal, nature, but also union between master and disciple, or exchange with the conscious being of other dimensions.

Article continued at:

The Red Thread

In order to know the Way in perfect clarity, there is one essential point you must penetrate and not avoid:
The red thread [of passion] between your legs that can not be severed. Few face the problem, and it is not at all easy to settle. Attack it directly without hesitation or retreat, for how else can liberation come.

-Zen koan

Commentary on Zen Tantra

I would like to comment on some connections that I made reading the above article and it’s distinctions between sex in the different “bodies.” Conclusions presented here, difficult as they are to put into words, are still in a state of development but may provide food for thought and shed light on some experiences. Input is welcome.

Sex of the Spirit is asexual, androgynous. It is the balance of the masculine and feminine within each individual, or one could say it is a transcendence of opposites.

The Jungian concept of the “Shadow” is pertinent here. It is a commonplace to say that men are focused on reason and women on feeling-intuition. This is not to insult the intelligence of women or discount the creative gifts of men. It simply points out a natural if generalized focus. Jungian psychology speaks of Logos, the masculine power of discerning thought, and Eros, the feminine power of unitive feeling as the two archetypal human qualities. Each person will express their male and female aspects in differing degrees but will lean toward one pole and leave the other undeveloped. The undeveloped pole (for a male that would be the feminine anima for example) lays in the background. This shadow is the dark side of our undeveloped masculine or feminine sides. It may literally overwhelm a person with the immature psychological traits of the opposite sex. Each person, man and woman is in charge of being conscious of and responsible for their own shadow.

Sex of the mental body is linear. It’s all “in the head.” Sight is the neurological organizing factor of information as well as the trigger for sexual attraction - men are moved through the eyes. Women say confidence is important in a man. It is attractive and “masculine.” Women also place great importance on the first kiss. Here, the woman judges his masculinity in a full range of expressiveness which calls forth her femininity. This is all about how the man penetrates the world by the strength of his intelligence, “vision” and will.

The man brutalizes the woman and the world when self assertiveness becomes domination. For the man, continence begins here, as a reasoned discipline of mind against instinct. He places his energy in the service of relationship rather than self, because man knows that he is always at his best when serving something beyond himself - embodying the archetype of the god sacrificed in love (Eros).

The womanÂ’s Shadow animus (male part) manifests from here. In woman this undeveloped shadow is the aspect of the Logos which often appears harsh, bitchy, bullying - an unflattering impersonation of masculine power or the dominatrix.

Sex of the astral body is non linear and a polarity reversal. The woman is now the active principle (Anteros) and the man responding principle (Enos). This is the level of the heart, itÂ’s feelings and the reflections of the heart through her speech. Woman is moved more by words than images. Sound surounds, is multidirectional like a womanÂ’s awareness. A woman draws close to a man who listens to her, receives what she says and does not try to fix or manipulate it in a directive masculine way. More important than a man sharing his feelings is that he shares in her feelings by giving her the attention she desires when she talks.

The woman psychically castrates the man when her words become daggers. Men place great importance on a woman’s words. For the woman, a “continence of the tongue,” is the companionate discipline of sacred sex. When her words are creative rather than destructive she is truly the power behind the man. The Mother archetype is here elevated - as the creative power of the word (Logos).

The manÂ’s Shadow anima (female part) manifests from here as well. In man the negative expression of the undeveloped anima can be seen in the submissive male or the drag queen whose superficial emotionality has become an icon of gay culture.

Sex of the etheric or energy body is circular, it is about the positive (yang) and negative (yin) flow, exchange or transference of energy, creating a harmony of balance as a couple (a 3rd entity). It is also about the accumulation and transmutation of this energy. No need to elaborate here.

The conscious discipline of the man in sacred relationship - the Heiros Gamos or sacred marriage of opposites - is to learn to feel into the Life Force of Eros. The discipline of the woman as his help mate is learn the power of the Creative Word. In so doing the inferior, undeveloped psychic potential of each is cultivated. and psychological integration is facilitated.

Sex of the physical body is a bridge, or one could say a draw bridge, which allows or impedes, the communion of souls.

Zen Tantra of EO

I always enjoy your posts, Arjay. I found the Zen Tantra interesting, too, and followed the link. Don't quite know what I think, but it was intriguing. Anyway, thanks for your interesting additions to "the Quest."