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Hi everybody. I have been visiting this site for a couple of weeks now. Like a lot of you I have a porn masturbation addiction that I'd like to totally get rid of. Mine is a weekly cycle usually on the weekends and I can't seem to break this cycle and it's been a couple of years and it's becoming ridiculous. I'm 30 years old and still without a partner and I blame it all on this addiction. I decided to post on this site for support and help from you guys and so I can track my progress. The sad thing is that I've had this addiction from around when I was 15 years old and I've actually been off porn, masturbation & orgasm for 3-4 years when I was around 22 years old but sadly I've been sucked in again over the last few years, so I know of all the benefits of abstaining but yet I am still unable to break this addiction again. So guys I can use all the help and support I can get especially when that animal inside me reappears.


Your certainly in good company here. Sounds like you could also offer some tips on abstaining as well, since you did it successfully for a good period of time.

It is interesting how much of this seems to start when we are teens. I didn't have much access to porn when I was a teen (no Internet, no VCRs or such even, just Playboy) but I've masturbated pretty much since age 11, nearly every day aside from some times when I tried to stop here and there. Approaching 50 now, and still working on it. So maybe we can help each other out.

Keep us posted.


it's definitely an easy spiral to get into. Your brain thinks you're engaging in a genetic bonanza. Wink

One guy here described the porn-recovery process something like this: "Porn use goes in like a needle, but comes out like a meat hook." The good news is that, as you probably already know, there are definitely things that can ease your mind during the process:

--contact with others, whether here, other forums, support groups, random socializing or all of the above
--vigorous exercise
--daily meditation
--solo sexual practices
--even dunking you junk in cold water when the urge strikes Smile (a practice that has been around thousands of years and is periodically rediscovered)

Check out the wiki link at the top of the page to find more.

Let us know what helps you the most. You're enabled to blog if you like. Good luck with your adventure.

The way I became celibate in

The way I became celibate in the past was by pure chance (or maybe not). I mean I didn't strive for it in the beginning and I thought masturbation and to lust after women was something natural and there was nothing bad about it although I guess something in the back of my head knew something wasn't right, but I didn't give much attention to it. Back then I remember I was trying to get into shape and I came upon an article about juice fasting for a good detox and fat loss. I thought I would give a try for a couple of days and I ended up juice fasting for about a month with some water fasts on the weekend. The fast which I had done for physical reasons had turned into a spiritual journey which I don't want to get into. But the thing is the body being deprived from food for all this period, the last thing it wanted was sex so I was forced to become celibate in a sense. I found the longer I went without masturbation, porn and orgasm the less I needed them. Porn began to disgust me. I would look at augmented breasts and it would look unnatural and weird whereas now they turn me on. I would see a beautiful woman and instead of picturing myself having sex with her and lusting her I would just admire her beauty. I felt free and I knew this was the way to be so I just stuck with it. No orgasms, no lustful thoughts, I would just feel love. This was the way to be, I felt as if the whole world was crazy with lust.

This was a big revelation for me that I happened to stumble upon. It was a long and tough journey to cleanse myself and equally I have slowly and subtly become addicted again. The fast was pretty hardcore and I don't see myself doing it again, but at that time it was exactly what I needed to bring me back to reality.

I find the perception aspect

of all this to be the most fascinating. Orgasm, especially frequent or intense orgasm, but to a lesser extent orgasm-in-general has the power to shift our perception. Wow.

But then anything that throws our reward circuitry out of kilter also colors our perception, so maybe it's not so weird. In any case, the more I value my clarity the less patience I have with imbalance in this part of my brain...despite the fun of making it wobble. Smile

The good thing about the

The good thing about the fast is that it made me give up some other bad habits I had. For example overeating, smoking, drinking. During my period of abstinence I was very strict on my diet, I wouldn't touch a cigarette or drink and I used to smoke a lot of pot back then which I also completely stopped although I would smoke a joint now and then with friends. I think I made big lifestyle changes that helped and something else that helped was that I was out of my comfort zone. I was living on my own away from family and friends so I guess in a sense to survive I had to be brave and masturbation doesn't help you with this at all. It turns you into a bit of a coward.

Now years later I'm back living with family and I've slowly started picking up bad habits again. I think it's mostly that I'm in a comfortable place and I have something to fall back on whereas when I was alone I had to do what I had to do what I had to do, I had to be brave or else I would be doomed.

I think it's mostly this, that I've become to comfortable again if that makes sense.

Hello sad_lonely

I have experienced what you said about fasting.
I was able to stop masturbation for almost 2 months but then I went back to those bad habits.
I was living on my own away from family and friends so I guess in a sense to survive I had to be brave and masturbation doesn't help you with this at all. It turns you into a bit of a coward.
Very true..
Now I am moving to a new city alone for my job. hope that will help me.

As you have already figured out, diet plays a very important role in mind control.
Things which I usually find helpful for mind control are :
1. Good Diet
2. Vigorous Exercise
3. Enough Sleep : 6 to 8 hrs/day
4. Busy but planned schedule (This is needed for first 10-14 days of abstinence)

Diet and exercise are the most important factors & if I missed them even for a day, I lose mind control.
I have not posted here in a long time.
Now, I will try to be abstinent again as long as possible.
It is experienced by many guys here, that it becomes easy after 10-14 days..
Well, Good luck !