daily journal for retaining my life from sex addiction

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hi everyone i am new here
but really so excited to find people like u to share and help each other
simply my story is that i am masturbation addict i am now 25 years old i used to masturbate for the last 10 years
which may have been about 3-4 times daily
also i am a physician i am an A type personality
that is to say this addiction severly damages myself esteem and caused great loses in my life if i get married now i will fail cause the addiction is overwhelming i can't go more than 3 days without it the longest duration was once a 9 days and once a 10 days
wherer i couldn't masturbate due to being with lot of people all time and at sleep
i even got some injury and congestion due to the addiction
it is ruining my life at some point i could go on with my study and work and masturbate but i don't think this can go any more
so i have decided to go on a celibacy contract which will be infront of u all for the next 90 days begining now 30-3-2010
after which i will begin a new phase
everyday twice i will log in to update the status
thanks everyone

i would like to add that i

i would like to add that i will give a grade of how"the urge is intense " grading from zero- easy to 5- had to masturbate
also i will make a few control methods
first :- if i had those obsessive thoughts for more than 5 times in an hour i will leave my laptop and house and go to exercise for at least 30 minutes and mediate and reinforce my self image
second : i shall reframe the relapse as a learning experience and write down the strategies that i will develop as a acoping mechanism and as knowing where did the strike come from

Good luck Dagme on your

Good luck Dagme on your journey through this rough road! You've also realised the negative nature of your addiction at a relatively young age which is very positive. I think writing here will help you immensely as it has helped me.

Good luck, be strong

Distract Yourself

Hi Dagme,

The tendency for A personality types is to power through obstacles. Compulsive behavior is difficult to overcome with willpower alone. Get crafty. Develop a list of positive distractions you can call on when the urge hits. Just delaying the urge by as little as 15 minutes can take the roar out of the lion. If you need help, ask!


DAY 1 1/2 PAST

no urge i actually mediated and exercised i am keeping myself busy avoiding thoughts
i think i have enough motivation today but tomorrow i will have to remotivate myself back
poet thanks a lot yes i would like help any help will be appreciated
sad_lonely thank u much u know --------one part of the problem is that u think u hit the worst levels but reminding me of the half full part is great thanks

okay everyone this is beginning of day 8

actually i am happy i made this all through
even my best record was ten complete days

but here is the point i want to make :- when u make a study there is something called the hawthorne effect which is individuals who are under the study improve their behaviour cause they know they are under follow up
actually this has been helpful for me to
i made a tracker and i tried to list the urge level and the spirtual and exercise demands i have to do to keep my urges under control may be some didn't like the idea of that tracker but i think it is very useful and helps u focus and follow up the solutions not the problem so i think i will be going back to using the tracker instead of just writing my daily experience

The tracker is fine,

but if you want support, you may want to write something informal, too. Otherwise it's like having a discussion with a data sheet from our end. Wink

I'm really happy you're pleased with your progress. It *does* seem to help to have people "listening," even if they're not in the least judgmental.