Short, easy, fun, youtube series on addiction

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A youtube series on addiction by an M.D. who's an addict. Each video is only about 2-3 minutes. Conversational, easy to listen to, and informative. I really liked them.

PART 1 - Is Addiction Really a Disease?

PART 2 - The Choice Argument

PART 3 - The Genetics of Addiction?

PART 4 – Dopamine's Role in Reward

PART 5 – Periodic Table of Intoxicants

PART 6 – Dopamine & Glutamate in Addiction

PART 7 - Hypofrontality in addiction


I found these

to be highly informative while doing so in a easy to understand way that was even entertaining at points. A must watch set of videos that explains what we are going through on the addiction side of this equation and why it takes some time to rewire the brain into new pathways.