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Hottest topic of the world no adult likes to miss. Each one desires the glimpse of sex in any form openly or secretly. Gives pleasure even during talks, read, experience, watch, dream etc. Reason of enjoyment even during talks etc; is the ultimate pleasure involved in sexual act. This is an incitement gifted to all life creatures by nature to act for procreation. Relief from release of seeds derives pleasure. Attraction of seeking pleasure forces us to act is among the most essential responsibilities towards the nature. Life forms would be least interested carrying such activities without pleasure or for human would have become the spiritual rite to perform. Therefore, the attraction of pleasure is an incitement that forces to carry this responsibility with best of best interest. Nature never wanted life form to escape from this responsibility thus introduced a taste named “Pleasure.” Each one is inclined to follow the procedure created by nature. Arousing pleasure is derived through reactions to the attraction of environment, is to activate functioning tools and Contact pleasure is derived during release. Both types pleasure are mental but in different ways. Environment is formed by incitement and submission for craving during matured periods. Or through books, talks, movies, medicines etc; is artificially created by human in order to derive as much as possible as human craving is more frequent than many of species. Human being more intelligent is more inclined towards seeking pleasure. Realization of the extreme ecstasy initiated human to find ways to optimize and lasting. Vatsyana’s Kamasutra is one of beginning towards exploration of methods. Many methods, research, and developments gave understanding of reasons and remedies. Natural and artificial life too has an effect on sexual pleasure. Attaining best sexual pleasure depends on how life style, mental and physical health, age, environment and etc; of the persons is. Many traditional and other medicines are developed to overcome physical weakness, which even aged gain to rejuvenate. Mental weakness is deplorable to them who fail to perform due to non-reaction of brain and chemicals to activate orgasm. In my opinion, temporary mental health of depression is due to failures in professional life, ego hurt, stress, hectic and exhausting life schedule, high materialistic involvement is curable by change of environment after consulting doctors. Those in urban cities face this kind of situation commonly due to environmental and noise pollution, unsystematic life patterns, eating habits, overburdened functioning etc. As I feel environmental pollution changes to complicate our body functioning and carry diseases by improper functioning results angriness, impatience, hurriedness and etc; are the root causes of many diseases, failure of sexual stimulation is one of them. Sexual act needs attentiveness and nothing should be in the mind except craving. The final objective of sexual life is sexual pleasure. Sexual failure damages relationship, individuality, and grip over partner etc.


I feel love is something different than the sexual acts. My feeling Love is a practice of submission to attraction. We love what attracts us.
LOVE: is formed when attraction, wish and submission to action combine together in human. When we find something attractive in any look or form, the enchantment comes from within, that leads to our wish of any form that leads to submission. This natural behavior erupts through mind and body by reaction. We love one type from many flowers when we are attracted to that one among many types of flowers, from inside we are tempted so we wish, that makes to submit to take action to appreciate, pluck or feel by touch or smell, is love, depending individualty of a person.

Most people do not agree but I feel this is the truth.


Well Sadashivan, its more than obvious that you're a black magician. What you're suggesting is what is known as black tantra and I don't believe that stuff is good for anybody.

As Budha said "suffering comes from cravings"

We have all experienced the cravings from normal sex, it made our lifes missereable, when you feed a desire the desire only gets bigger and more difficult to fulfill.

Re: Sexual Pleasure

I agree with Singh. We are all playing with fire here, every time we enter an intimate relationship. These animal drives are incredibly powerful, and we must control them and then temper them like we control the reigns of a wild horse.

I like the idea

that we can best accomplish this by gently, consciously soothing each other with lots of loving contact. That's a much better cure than fighting ourselves.


Thanks for sharing this. Here are my thoughts on it: The fact that
nature has designed us to desire sex doesn't prove that those cravings,
or satisfying them as nature urges us to, is good for us. We are, for
example, equally "naturally" designed to crave high-calorie foods over
low-calorie foods, and short-term gains over long-term best interest.
All these cravings (like the cravings for orgasm) improved our genes'
success in being passed on over millions of years. In that sense they
are "successful" traits. However, each of them can lead to big problems
in modern life where there is an over abundance of sex partners, junk
food, and credit card debt. (Read "Mean Genes" by Burnham and Phelan if
you want an entertaining account of this naturally dangerous programming.)

Nature's agenda in the area of sex is not our well-being, but greater
genetic variety (offspring with different mates). This serves our genes,
but makes our lives more miserable and shorter than they need to be.
(Harmonious couples live longer and have lower rates of disease than
divorced or single folk.)

So material like that you've quoted here is rather short-sighted,
frankly. It includes the unspoken, unchallenged assumption that
"natural" is automatically "beneficial." Thousands of years ago, the
Taoists discovered that "ordinary" intercourse caused problems that
non-orgasmic intercourse did not. They believe their modified recipe is
also natural...just more balanced than "ordinary" intercourse. If you're
interested, have a look at some of the Wisdom articles at the website. We believe the neuroscience is now bearing out
this ancient wisdom. Too much of a good thing is not necessarily better.

Balanced dopamine leaves you interested in life, cheerful, alert AND
attracted to your partner...without the periodic urge to pull away that
most of us should be associating with conventional sex, but aren't...yet.


sadashivan wrote:
Sexual act needs attentiveness and nothing should be in the mind except craving. The final objective of sexual life is sexual pleasure. Sexual failure damages relationship, individuality, and grip over partner etc.

This is a complete misconception. Craving has nothing to do with sex. Most people perform sex because they crave to satisfy their animal ego self. This has caused the degradation of society and is the major cause of most of the worlds ills. Sex without Craving and without orgasm is one of the greatest most divine acts that a heterosexual couple can perform. Sex can either lead people to become demons through fornication (sex/masturbation with orgasm) or Angels (sex with no orgasm and transmuting the sexual energy into love).
The final objective of sexual life is NOT sexual orgasmic pleasure but to transmute the sexual energy into love, which transends the ego self and any craving for pleasure. It's about changing ourselves internally into something Divine. That is the true pleasure.
Indeed it is sex with orgasm and masturbation that damages relationship, individuality, and grip over partner etc, exactly as Marnia has mentioned in peace.
Unfortunately this can be hard to understand without experiencing it. If you haven't tried for a period of time sex without orgasm with your one and only partner then you'll find it hard to believe the above statements, so my advice is to try it out. I'm sure you'll find that your sense of craving will subside and you may experience something truely worthwhile and beautiful/true love.