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I do know couples who are very much in love even after many years of marriage. They lead a normal sex life.

So then this thoery is not always applicable?

couples in love

How many? :-)   And how often are they having normal sex? Usually when you ask the hard questions and get really honest answers, you find out that there's a big gap in their intimacy somewhere. Perhaps one travels a lot on business, they are in love--but more like close, trusted friends who LOOK like lovers, or their sleeping schedules are out of sync (keeping their lovemaking to a minimum). Sometimes they're loving and having normal sex, but their lives have manifested the natural feelings of depletion elsewhere, like family tragedies, business failures, etc.

I can't tell you how many "happy couples" have one partner who GRABS my book when he/she learns what it's about...which (along with the divorce rates) shows me the problem is way more widespread than we think.

There may be couples who are immune to this problem, but they are very scarce. Perhaps they make selfless giving and lots of physical affection a part of their contact and are able to channel their projections of lack elsewhere in their lives. I admire these people, but I still wonder if they have untapped potential. If they tried it, maybe those loving couples would be able to use this other approach as a path to enlightenment due to their superior head start.

In any case, I would bet that a very large majority of people would benefit from the change suggested at this site. So maybe everyone can benefit, whatever their starting point.

The bottom line is that if you feel the urge to separate, or notice emotional friction during the two weeks following normal sex, this material IS for you. If not, it's not likely to interest you...yet.