My Successes and Struggles With Porn Addiction

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My name is Ralph. I am new to this web page.

I just thought I would share a bit of my story with everyone. Perhaps people can find inspiraiton from it, or just see themselves in it.

I believe I became addictd to porn when I started viewing it six years ago in university. It started off as a mild thrill, but then I became dependent on it.

I didn't realize anything was wrong with it until I came across some of Marnia Robinson's blogs on Her points about how pornography-induced orgasms stimulate dopamine, which leads to a quick high, followed by a quick crash, followed by a hangover period, made sense to me. After I read about it, I made it a point to cut back on masturbation and porn-viewing.

I have made a lot of progress, but I still struggle with it. I planned on going all of April without masturbating or viewing porn. I was doing this successfully until yesterday (April 18th). Yesterday I relapsed and binged on lesbian bondage-themed pornography. I masturbated to it twice in one day. After the first time I gave in, I felt really guilty, but then I couldn't resist doing it again. I knew it was stupid of me to do so a second time, but that's what made it so tempting. It was so wrong it was right, as they say.

I felt awful afterwards. But I'm trying to just keep it moving and not feel too guilty about my relapse.

So now I'm getting back on the horse, and attempting to go two weeks without masturbation or viewing porn. I will check back in on Sunday ( week from yesterday when I relapsed) after tracking my mood and energy, and report the results.

I can say that after going eighteen days without masturbating or viewing porn, I felt great. I felt confident, charming, and extroverted. So I'm sure the results will be positive again.

Thanks for listening.
Good luck to you all.

Thanks for

telling us your story. Actually, it sounds like you're off to a good start. Whatever the advantages of "cold turkey," most people actually experience some...slippage. Smile And whatever happens, you learn something all the time.

That said, guilt just adds to the kicks ("so wrong it's right" buzz), so please don't feel guilty. After all, your brain just played a little trick on you because it doesn't know any better. That's not something to feel guilty about.

It's great that you're noticing the benefits. It has been so thrilling to watch the improvements people here experience that I had to blog about it on "Psychology Today." Smile

BTW, if "Ralph" is your real name, please send me a private message and think of a new one. I'll change it. We stick to nicknames here. Also, blog if you like!

*big hug*