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Hello all,

Please let me explain my story, i use to experience insane hangovers after having a Orgasm, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Mood swings, you name it.. I also use to watch alot of porn and masterbate alot, i suspect the chemicals in my brain were so out of wack, that i would be pretty much Bed ridden, and anti-social, headaches, bouts of rage, after having a orgasm.. They would tend to subside within 14 days..
Anyway.. I stumbled upon something so simple, and something so Amazing.. I have been reading articles on anxiety, depression, chemical balances in the brain when this occurs, how the brain is a wash with dopmaine and all that scientfic jargon.

Anyway.. to the point.. I read one article and since read alot more, that support my findings on the Importance of Omega 3 fatty acids to combat these issues, In western society's typical diet, we lack the essential fatty acids that are crucial for are brain to survive, new studies are being published almost monthly that confirm that Fatty acids are the cure to so many ailments, and basically are curing people of life long depression and anxiety.. how does this relate to Orgasms and the Hangover we expericnce.. Im not sure.. But since taking 3 1000mg pills of Wildsalmon Fish oil, i do not, and I MEAN, I DO not expericnce any hangover symptoms after having a orgasm, I mean AT ALL.. Its really blowing my mind, and i sometimes have to pinch myself to know its true..

I tested my theory a few times now, and its true- i still dont fully understand it.. But if you google Omega 3 you will see piles of information that support this.

Does this mean, i can still masturbate and watch porn again.. No.. not really.. I know i had a issue with Porn addiction, but my Mood has stabilized to the point were i can combat that problem alot easier.. Anyway.. I really think people getting these types of hangovers, should really try this out..


Thanks for sharing your experience. Others have noticed some benefits from fish oil, but your improvement sounds particularly impressive. Congratulations!

I have been taking 2 of

I have been taking 2 of these a day for months now I was taking a generic brand before this for months. I have been on Omega 3 for close to 6 months it has not made a dent in my hangover. I continue to take them. I take them cause I do feel better and think clearer and my memory is better. I take a lot of other supplements too. Nothing has made a dent in my hangover though. I get insane mood swings. Anger. Rage. some other stuff too. I will list some of the other stuff been taking it all for at least 2months some much longer.








http://www.iherb.com/Hyland-s-Bioplasma-1000-Tablets/4977?at=0 these only for about a month


I take other stuff but I think this the most relevant.

I am glad it is working for you. Not sure it will help everyone. I do not think it would hurt for people to try it. Omega-3 is good for you.

well I probably should go into a little more detail. Maybe there is a dent. I no longer get headaches or they are so mild I do not count them. I really think my headaches were due to porn withdrawals. I never got headaches before so I do not think it was orgasms that were the cause or the headaches the result of going without orgasm. I think it was all porn. Also my just crying for a month+ was all porn related as well.

I think that I am starting to recover a little faster. Today I feel good and it is day 10 since last O. Now many things could factor in. My diet has not been perfect but compared to this time last year it is very good. I am taking tons of supplements. They are having an effect as well I am sure. I have gone many months without porn. I exercise at least every other day sometimes more. I am getting out more like going to toastmasters. I have had 2 friends that I have talked to for many hours by phone over these last few months(both female that is new for me never had female friends to talk to before this). I have gone days and weeks without orgasm. I have shared here. I do meditation now for about the last week. I am sure I am leaving stuff out. It is just all of this together has made a dent. I still get hangover. I think the only way for me to put a real dent in hangover is to go without orgasm for an extended period of time. I am thinking 6+months. I also think a partner is another key. I think going that long to let my mind and body reset will help a lot. I think a partner will help even more :). So for me it is a cumulative effect of all these things and time.

I still get hangover but now that I think about it not for as long. I think the intensity of the hangover has spiked but the duration is shorter.

Well there is the best information I can give about myself and what could effect hangover. Remember though that I am on the extreme end of things. Some of the guys were having fewer orgasm in a week then I would have on a lot of days. I have also spent a lot more time then many as well. So not more than everyone I am just on the extreme side of it I think. Or I was :).

Hope this information is helpful to this discussion.

Wishing everyone well
Be Safe

I've used

fish oil for nearly ten years now. Of course, most of my life I've never noticed any big after-O downside. Nothing like some people get, with headaches and the like. So I can't say whether fish oil helped in that department or not. I'm mostly taking it because back in 2000 or 2001 my doctor recommended I take one everyday to help my heart. I think it's supposed to help keep buildup in the arteries down to minimal to none.

But the bottom line is if it works for that purpose for you, then certainly take it. It can help your heart in the process as well, and probably some other beneficial affects as well.


Glad to be back. Just a lot going on and my own junk. But you can read all the gory details on my blog post I did tonight.

I have a lot going on this week too, so not sure how frequently I'll be checking in.


[quote=livefeed2684] Does this mean, i can still masturbate and watch porn again.. No.. not really..[/quote]
I really laughed out loud on reading that!

- SL

I have been taking Omega 3

I have been taking Omega 3 Fish Oil, and it also reduced my hangover. While in the past the 2 days after ejaculation I feel so weak, depressed, low energy, tired and sleepy, now the symptoms have reduced. I sort of feel less energetic the day after ejaculation only.

I have been taking 6 omega fish oils capsules each day, after Dr Lin suggested that I need it to reboost my system.

livefeed2684 - Thank you for posting about Omega 3

I was going through a day of heavy depression, isolation, anger, anxiety, loneliness (I have yet to owe up that they are withdrawal symptoms...simply b/c I am somewhat in denial about the power of masturbation)...and I started to pray....not so much for help...but to remind my soul that God is above this all, transcends earthly existence...and He chooses to come back to us out of Love. I decided to praise, I guess you could say. Praise has been important to me during this journey to stop masturbating mostly because I understand that the journey may be long with many bumps along the way....and therefore I do not want to place so much emphasis on "that day when I will no longer feel strong compulsions to masturbate"

so i praise

and then after praise...I prayed...and I started to cry but also calm down...and decided to come back to this forum. I found your post about Omega 3 and decided to experiment. I'm supposed to be taking O3 twice a day anyway, along with two tablespoons of flax seed oil (rich in O3). However, I never was quite consistent until I decided to try this experiment for "kareeza" sake.

and it is working. I still feel depressed, antisocial..and this week (well more today) I'm feeling very apathetic..I don't care about a lot of things...However I see that it is working b/c I am on my 16 day w/out masturbation...and this week I am ovulating which often times makes abstinence from orgasm difficult.

I'm thankful for your post...so much so that I decide to register just so that I could post this comment (which is probably why I'm writing so much...I have yet to really talk about his with people who would understand)

Thank you again livefeed.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

I make this point every now and then-

The hangover is primarily a shift in perception.

Since a lot of forum members are dealing with porn, they focus on how orgasm or porn use makes them feel. Makes sense.

However, both of our books, our presentations, and many articles (and what got Marnia into this was) emphasize that orgasm causes a shift in perception. This perception shift is projected onto your sexual partner (probably involves pheromones as a cue). This shift is an evolutionary conserved mechanism that serves a purpose, which is the desire to seek out new sexual partners.

Under ideal conditions (for our genes) we would never notice the effects that orgasm has on us. It would be counter productive to our genes for us to not want to orgasm. The shift in perception is supposed to subtle, or not seen, as it is a innate apsect of who we are. That is why most people deny it, and virtually no one see's it, unless they practice Karezza with a partner, then go back to conventional sex - and back to karezza.

Fish oil and other measures may make one feel less of a hangover, but I don't see how it could affect the real hangover - the shift in perception of your sexual partner.

I too have also found that

I too have also found that taking fish oil supplements has helped. I started taking them to facilitate myelination in the brain. If you don't know about myelination and how important it is try reading the book 'The Talent Code' by Daniel Coyle. I then noticed that my hangover symptoms and brain fog had greatly reduced. I googled it and found how omega-3's are used for dopamine regulation and it clicked with all the info from this site. I'm taking 2000mg of cod liver oil and 6000mg of fish oil daily. I'm not masturbating at the moment at all (due to my brilliant chastity device) but I have the occasional orgasm with my girlfriend and I've noticed that there are hardly any post-O symptoms, and any that occur dissipate really quickly.


I think this is the most amaaazing thread title!!!!

Hey man. I'm vegan. Fishoil is murder, bro. (lol)

Do you know a vegetarian form of omega 3's?

Incidentally I don't think it matter's what it is your doing but something is working. I take a vegan multivit and sometimes I feel better about myself for it, but I'm not denying that you have had a better feeling lately.

Maybe, I'll try it and report back.

"I asked my doctor about Karezza and now I have an enormous penis!"

Correction -The Orgasmic Diet

I think she would find it impossible to do karezza :) It's her way of eliminating post-orgasmic satiety (and having loads of orgasms). But it seems that she's unable/unwilling/not very willing to get into a committed relationship.


surprising. Wink And when she's a bit older, and can't understand why the men in her life keep leaving her for the novelty of younger partners, she's likely to become bitter and cynical.

The same sad old song.... Sad

A lot of people who

A lot of people who experience severe side effects after orgasm have an endocrine issue. This is assuming they are not doing it all the time. Adrenal Insufficiency in particular can cause severe illness after just a single orgasm. It might be important to get saliva levels measured in favor of blood serum levels because it tracks sub-clinical Addison's.

Omega 3 and subtle changes after orgasms

Hi there,

after some months with only very few orgasms with my wife I tried it again. Now I had minimum one orgasm per day for one week. What are the changes?

Not tired after O as it was before. No big mood changes. Yes I use Omega3 Oil (Linseed Oil has 56% of Omega 3 content) for other health reasons, so this seems to help against hangover.

But as Gary said, there are subtle changes:

-Asking myself: WTF Iam doing?
-Asking myself: When shall I ejaculate?
-Seems like i'm using my wife for wanking (But actually she told me she likes when I'm getting off).
-Tendency to seek nude pics.
-More sensible to cold weather
-Doing not all exercises in the Gym.
-Low power to do my daily planning.
-Getting grumpy
-complaining / seeing life in grey colours.

Okay, this may be also related to other reasons: More heavy workload, full timetable, etc.

BTW, the effects of Orgasms seem also different, if our emontional tank is full or not. We have developed a better form of communication after letting PMO (and possibly also through Karezza), so there is more common time and understanding.

Anyway, I am not liking to continue with orgasms. Sex is shorter and more objected to my orgasms. Means less fun and a sharp end to sex.