Should i give my computer to my therapist to hold on to for me

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Ok so i meet my therapist and i told him i cant seem to go more than 2-3 with getting images of porn stars and then looking at porn.
So i suggested maybe he could hold on to my computer for 1-2 weeks so i can get over the 2 week hump and get the images somwhat out of mind.

You could do that

Or try using a web filter. Most people on this forum recommend K9. I'm not sure how it works, but it'd most probably have a password feature. Maybe you could have the therapist set up the password for you (and not reveal it to you)?

Do keep us posted on what you do and how effective it is.

- SL

I did that with good results

I gave my two computers to my friend who was visiting from about 3.5 hours away (he moved). I didn't tell him what is was for when he asked. I acknowledged it was a weird request but that if he didn't mind I'd appreciate it. So he has my computers. This was about 5 or 6 weeks ago. A week from today will be 60 days w/o P/O/M for me. I'll be writing a more thorough summary and reflections about my experience then. My advise is to give him the computer(s) for however long you need.

It's far from a foolproof

It's far from a foolproof plan. Your right that I still have to resist M/O w/o computer. I think the best benefit is that I have thrown out a porn/masturbation cue from my environment. I don't have a computer in my bedroom. So there's somewhat of a fresh start. No real difference with information and email overload. I have an iPhone so I haven't gone offline at all. I just use other peoples computers for everything I do, except for the iPhone. I've never looked at porn with the iPhone (about 8 weeks old), so that pathway probably won't ever form.