Kabbalistic and Buddhist White Tantra and the Arcanum A.Z.F.

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I'm here because I saw that somebody from this website has posted a link on the http://www.gnosticteachings.com forums; so I thought I'd come here and share with you all, the teachings of the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.


Arcanum(Latin. plural: arcana). A secret, a mystery. The root of the term "ark" as in the Ark of Noah and the Ark of the Covenent.

Arcanum A.Z.F. The practice of sexual transmutation as couple (male-female). Tantra. Alchemy. Arcanum = Truth, Law. A.Z.F. stands for Water + Fire = Consciousness. A (agua - water), Z (azufre - sulfur), F (fuego - fire). Also, A (azoth = chemical element that refers to fire). A & Z are the first and last letters of the alphabet thus referring to the Alpha & Omega (beginning & end).

An intro: Alchemy and Tantra

The Transmutation of Sexual Energy

Other recommended reading regarding White Tantra/Alchemy:

Sebai Muata Ashby's books on Tantra and The Serpent Power

Longchenpa's(Longchen Rabjam)Practice of Dzogchen (very advanced material)

Swami Sivananda("Kundalini Yoga" published by Divine Life)

Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Lama Yeshe(Introduction to Tantra and The Six Yogas of Naropa)

From the Thelema(not to be confused with the black-tantra of Aleister Crowley)-Press Gnostic Glossary:

Dzogchen The Highest Yoga Tantra of the Tibetan tradition, and synonymous with Universal Gnosticism. His Holiness the Dalai Lama said, "According to the Nyingma tradition, Dzogchen is the most profound of all the vehicles leading to enlightenment... but unless the practitioner has the capacity to understand the teachings properly, mistaken views can easily develop... Without a deep intellectual and experiential foundation...[it] can easily lead to confusion." The same may be said of Gnosis.

Padmasambhava said, "[Dzogchen] is the secret, unexcelled cycle of the supreme vehicle [of Tantra], the true essence of the definitive meaning; the short path for attaining Buddhahood in one life." Based in developing the powers of visualization in meditation, and rooted in the establishment of perfect control over attention, Dzogchen harnesses the nature of all experience through profound conscious transformation of all impressions, and is enforced and realized through the supreme methods of White Tantrism, or the perfect transformation of the vital energies.

It's good to see that the physiological aspects of sex are being studied here as well!

(see also Samael Aun Weor's Fundamental Notions of Endocrinology and Criminology)