can one ween themselfs off porn

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So i was just woundering if someone looked a porn say once every 3 days. And then after a little bit of that, bump it up to looking a porn every 4 days...and continue could one ween themselfs off it.

That won't work !!

This way you would be waiting for the porn day .. and you will be slowly and slowly be back into usual ways. The Mind is too smart Wink .It knows you very well .Instead of telling your mind that you can have it after so many days ,you should tell it that porn ,orgasm are not healthy and is the real cause of all your problem . Preserving orgasm builds up your creative energies and make life beautiful .By releasing orgasm you are losing a large amount of creative energy for the sake of little pleasure and they take at least two weeks to come back to normalcy.
The right attitude should be no PMO for as far as you can pull.You have to go beyond two week to reboot your system .Try to see the beneficial effects this process is giving you . If you fall start up again .. :)

Exactly so

Keep it simple, just say no. And say "oh shit" when you do drool over the pics and whack off, keep breathing, forgive yourself, figure out what led you to that place and pay attention when the next trigger shows up.

You may want to have a look at Cole's blog

He has been trying a gradual approach, with some success. However, he has a loving wife and a house full of kids with whom he gets along great, and is very active in his church. All those things help with balance and soothing the nervous system. Without those things, cold turkey may work better.

But, hey, all experiments are valid! Good luck.

Yes and no

It should be clarified that while I have been using a more "gradual" approach for M/O, I did go cold turkey on the porn side of it. Mainly because I realized, for me especially, as long as I was watching porn, I would have little to no control over refraining from masturbation. Or, I didn't think I could seriously gain control over masturbation if I didn't first cut that off.

But my situation there is a little different than some here as well. The only time I generally watched porn is after being unsuccessful getting to orgasm when I masturbate. There were times I would start both off at the same time because I wanted it to go quick and I didn't think I would otherwise, but I don't recall any time I started watching porn and then turned to masturbation. It may have happened, but if so, so few times I don't even recall them.

And in past times I'd stopped using porn for months at a time by simply stopping. I knew I could do that. So I did. But I think you'll find it difficult to cut down on porn gradually. Not unless you already have some decent control and are not fully addicted to it. You have to be in the right frame of mind, and that is hard to do and continue to watch porn. As a matter of fact, my gradual approach to abstaining from masturbation is more an attempt to get myself into the right frame of mind to abstain on a longer and more permanent basis. I figured by giving myself some measure of successes working up to it, I will mentally arrive at the place where I could feel like I had a chance of doing this for an extended period of time. And that has worked to a large degree.

But porn would be harder to do the same thing with, mainly because watching it puts you into the frame of mind that would be defeating getting your mind to the right frame of mind to succeed.

You could give it a shot, though, and see what happens. You will probably answer your question for yourself within a week.