How do i make it more than 2 or 3 days. should i use k9?

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Ok so i can make it two or three days and then i slip up? Does anyone have any advice to get through the humps. I am quitting nicotine, so that is making it harder. So last night i slipped after two days. But it felt more like a nicotine withdrawal.

I looked at that k9 software and it has availible for mac but i need a licenses key? what is all that about


I'm new and I don't know what K9 is but I think the most important thing is to recognize and fully understand the REAL need to stop and the real benefit to stopping. I'm a female who has dealt with porn addiction (at least for now) and is dealing with masturbation addiction currently. What really helped me to stop was reading some stories about survivors of the sex industry. Did you know that the porn actresses you watch (assuming you watch heterosexual porn) are probably looking at a pile of dirty enemas while they have sex on camera? And that many of them are sexual abuse survivors and/or on serious drugs? It isn't just a problem that peoples' girlfriends and wives get naggy about, it's something that is abusive toward the people in it and dangerous towards people outside of it. I have known a lot of women who have engaged in really dangerous sexual behavior: things that SERIOUSLY hurt because their boyfriends saw it in porn and porn's word on "good sex" seems to be law to a lot of people. Basically, I've spoken with porn survivors myself and I realized that I have NO way of knowing if the video I'm watching will have the survivor I talked to or someone like her. I don't know if the actress is smiling and acting happy because a gun is being held to her head or because she won't be able to eat tonight if she doesn't. I realized that I was putting my orgasm and ability to get off ahead of the well-being and suffering of others. That made me feel like a pretty terrible person and at this point I just can't watch it anymore.

I can imagine dealing with a nicotine addiction simultaneously would be VERY difficult. I don't envy you.

Also to avoid "slipping up" you can get software to block porn on your computer. You can also get this software that will tell a friend (or spouse) or person you trust everything you look at. So if you look at any kind of porn that person will know and will hold you accountable. That way it's not just a private "goof up" but a shared thing that you will be accountable for. I haven't done that but I can imagine it has its uses.

Good luck. I applaud you working hard to get rid of both those addictions.

You can install k9 on a mac.

You can install k9 on a mac. I didnt have a problem, its free too.

If you need someone to hold your password, I would volunteer. It might take some fooling around with the settings on your end so you dont block sites that you need to go to and you might have to manually block some sites that you can access despite having the software on your computer. Just mess around with it, PM me if you want to have your temporary password emailed to me instead of you.

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