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I've just created a Facebook Page for discussing issues in "Cupid's Poisoned Arrow" as they relate to couples particularly. Everyone is welcome to join in the discussions there, but we'll try to keep singles issues and porn issues here on the Reuniting forum, where we have a bit more privacy and a "family" feel.

If you would like to be informed of items added to the new Facebook page, just click "Like" when you get to this link:

why another forum?


Perhaps I speak for others--I certainly speak for me--we don't WANT another forum to discuss things. I'd hate to think that "oh, my wife might read this, I better use a different web site...." Maybe I am just a technical whimp, but I don't want ANOTHER place to look for information.

Of course, you have been the uber-master of feedback, so I graciously accept your willingness to open another forum as evidence that people really want it. Personally, I am choosing to avoid social connection websites that are the primary targets of computer viruses and mal-ware.

Thanks for your usual open attitude.


It's a tough issue because

It's a tough issue because the prevalence of the porn issue on this site probably scares off people in healthy relationships. I'd love to be able to see everyone sharing here in one place, but I can see Mania's reasons behind opting for separation for those who don't care about porn. There are problems with Facebook, however. They are certainly perceived as likely to share information about your social networking and what you share. I would be less inclined to share personal info on Facebook.

I agree

Thanks for the input. I have personally sworn off ALL social networking sites like facebook, youtube, linkedin, myspace, etc for these reasons.

Maybe two separate forums

Maybe two separate forums here possibly?

Then... I could troll the couples pages pretending to be a married man looking for some naughty kareeza excitement on the weekends and call the women "sweetcheeks". Id be awesome... and loved.

I know huh, they are healthy coming on here and open a thread about something like "4th straight day of hardcore midget porn, I cant even look at a regular sized girl no more..." or "I have dreams about toes, hundreds of them... I think I am bad..."

On the other hand, all intimacy issues are intimacy issues, and orgasm-oriented sex is the same as orgasm-oriented solo sex in many regards, so to see an extreme version of their own individual behavior could be revealing if they are perceptive. Orgasm-oriented sex still leads to isolation, in the couple's case, isolation within the hollow relationship, but still isolation.

But I dont care either way. I like mingling with everyone and its inspiring to hear the couples work, but I understand some of these issues. Maybe Marnia could make a "Forbidden Chamber of Love" room that requires a password.

I have also thought about trying to start a forum and site on my own, but Im not sure if I would have the time or the funds to do something like that. I have a friend who is a web designer, he might be able to help me, but I would have to have the material down pretty good. I think a scientific forum on this topic would fare really good. I know men in many recovery programs are craving this without even knowing fully what it is. Its a good time because this stuff is going to take off like wildfire in a short time. Sex addiction is something that is being talked about seriously now and weirdly, there's no good rational forums based on the way modern man thinks.

Courage is knowing what not to fear.


Facebook is a revolutionary social networking site no doubt. But with it's overwhelming accessibility, you may only get "really" open people to share on it. Many are getting scared off due to the privacy issues right now.

I am not sure how much real sharing you will get?

Maybe a sister site to this one? One you could advertise on Facebook?

Just a thought,

I'm a regular Facebook user

I'm a regular Facebook user and the page does look great--but I could never join because my mom isn't supposed to know I have sex, lol! (I'm 49 years old!) She and the rest of my family who are "friends" on Facebook!



I doubt the page will get much "action," just for the reasons you name. Talking about sex is tough to do, and that may be a good thing. And I don't intend it to replace our space here in any way. Nor do I want to divide the group here.

But I've been hearing from couples...and more lately...that they would also like a space that's more in line with the core message of the book, so I made them one. Now we'll see if they will use it. Wink I tried to choose topics that wouldn't require "tell all" revelations for the purpose of discussion.

In any case, I needed to convert the Facebook "Group" for Cupid to a Facebook "Page," in order to help people find that page. As it is, they keep ending up on my personal Facebook page, when they really want contact related to the book. So I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I'll just use it mostly to post links to blogs and other information that might be of interest to readers. You guys get all that information here automatically, so you're not missing anything.

That said, if you are a Facebook member and you "Like" the page, it will help make it more visible. You don't need to reveal anything about yourselves to do that. Smile

Link again:


Don't worry Marnia, I think that the Facebook site will act as a signpost to this site. It's extremely popular and as a result some people are bound to end up here because they find a link on Facebook so its a good way of spreading the word. There's no way I would blog about this on Facebook though. My Facebook friends and family would think I was some sort of nutter (most of them already do anyway). :)


I like

that I'm Marnia's friend on Facebook so her stuff comes up on my wall all the time. You look me up, and you get Marnia & Gary too....awesome!

Amylia Willard (The Curious

Amylia Willard (The Curious Girl)

Oh, well then, I guess I just couldn't find it on facebook when I entered key words...But you have already done it...Ha.
Well done Marnia. I'm a bit slow on the uptake I guess...


Good to have you here. The Facebook couples idea hasn't been a great success. It seems most people welcome a bit more anonymity when discussing the details of their sex lives. *chuckle*

However, the ♥ posts seem to be a good way to help channel people to threads relating to the main focus of Cupid.

Looking forward to hearing whatever you care to share. Smile