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Hi all,

I've been reading the contents of this site for a month and i managed to abstain from masturbating for 14 whole days thanks to the information posted in this site. I have relapsed today and i feel really really depressed. My body is SO weak i feel like a 60 year old. My bones are cracking, my muscles are always sore. my bones and muscles hurt so bad that i can't even exercise. If i start jogging or do some stretching i can feel my bones crack. I cant concentrate at all. I've became the laziest student after being always the best. I have something like staring-at-walls syndrome every 10 minutes and it's driving me crazy. I am always feeling depressed. and my energy is always drained. Can't enjoy the life anymore.
I've got all these symptoms in just 1 year of excessive masturbating and i am still at the age of 15. I feel my future is ruined because of it.
In my 14 days of abstaining, I felt REALLY great and confident, But wasn't ready to relapse because i haven't cured completely.


Congratulations on figuring this out at such a young age, really. That's great. You're still very young so don't worry about ruining your future, your future hasn't even begun yet. Abstaining fifteen days is great, now just get up and go for it again. Don't put yourself down, you're on the right track and you're doing fine.

Lots of love

I agree

Your life is certainly not ruined. It may be that you'll look back on this period of misery and be really glad your body gave you such loud signals. (Kind of like that cigarette my dad handed me at age nine. One puff and five minutes of coughing....and I was a non-smoker for life! Smile )

14-days is magnificent! Really. Give yourself a pat on your back. At your age, even a 14-21 day cycle would be enough to show you benefits, I bet.

Right now, just try not to spiral into a binge. And whether or not you do, get back on the horse when you can catch the reins. Wink Did you check out the Wiki items on porn recovery: http://www.reuniting.info/wiki#porn

It took a year to create the situation, so be patient. Balance is challenging for everyone, but as you begin to see the benefits it gets easier to motivate yourself.

What helped you make it to 14 days? Did you notice any good days, or was it withdrawal misery the whole ride? Wink Blog if you like.

*big hug*

Thanks for your comments,

Thanks for your comments, And yes, what kept me going was that i did notice some good days, Even though i had some rough days i made it to day 14 and i was so proud. Even though i am starting to count all over again but this this time is going to be much easier now that i know the benefits of abstaining for this long and with all your support. I felt more energized and more confident than ever before. Thanks everyone :D

Good days are

the best motivation. Once you start to feel like yourself again, you'll just keep coming back to that. It's always a challenge to find balance with one's sexual energy...especially today. But there are rewards.

Did you try exercise at all? Some people find that's really helpful.

*big hug*


You guys have taught me that some of the keys to success are:

Know what helps, and do it.
Be gentle with yourself.
Be pleased with your progress, whatever it is.
Socialize as much as possible.
And be patient as the transformation to greater balance occurs.

Sounds like you're figuring out a lot of the same things.

I relapsed again (day 7), I

I relapsed again (day 7), I feel much better than before and less guilt but frustrated about my physical symptoms that haven't gone even though i had an O 4 times only this month. i still have eye-floaters and tremors all over my body. Is there any supplements i can take to help reduce the physical symptoms. On the other hand i feel less guilty about relapsing because i know i am quitting soon enough.

You're doing good

Going seven days without an O is an achievement in my humble opinion. What's important is that you learn from each slip-up and not let that happen in the future. I used to make the same mistakes over and over because I could always find "excuses" to give in to. Took me quite a while to break free from the cycle. Remember, it's a slow process. Be patient.

As for the physical symptoms, I think exercise and/or meditation has helped people here with them. A word of caution against drug supplements: if you're trying to break one habit, you might become susceptible to other forms of addictions.


We aren't doctors. However, IF (and who knows?) the symptoms are stemming from low dopamine, you might try some L-tyrosine. It's an amino acid that the body uses to make dopamine.

Are you exercising? Meditating? These are natural ways to help your body find its balance again.

Good luck. Let us know how you do.

body and addiction

good job, 123!

Think about this: the reward center is directly linked to the center that makes you move. Which means the reward center is making behave your body on autopilot to get it's favourite flash.

Get up, turn the computer on, click on the right (or wrong!) sites ... all these actions are laid by pathways that you will undo after a while.

There are two REALLY good tips for abstaining (helped/helps me a lot):
- Hands up!
- Thinking: "Oh great and interesting: sexual urge! Let's get back to this later and do something else first."