Brain nutrition

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I've been contemplating the idea that there might be more than one cycle involved. Several people report abstaining for a short interval, long interval, and then short interval. I realize we probably don't know the answer to this due to lack of research.

That lead me to think there might be a brain nutrition issue. It must be a lot of work for the brain to remake itself and constantly control the urges of other parts of the brain. Does the brain run out of steam at some point after a longer period of abstinence and then need some time to build back up? Can some kind of nutrition help? I'm guessing this is why mediation helps (brain stretching), but brain athletics might require different food, vitamins, etc. Has anyone toyed with nutrition issues and found anything that makes abstaining easier?

Here's a past post Thanks for your willingness to experiment and investigate.

There's probably not a "one size fits all" answer. And there's definitely a post-orgasm cycle that is independent of any nutrition. It's at least seven days in men. Nutrition won't change that cycle, although it may ease its effects....just as some women find that some herbs ease PMS.