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Hi! I am very happy for this book. Thank you Robinson. Thank you.
Sorry for my Italian English, but in the future i want study.
Tantra or not Tantra?
I have read in web Italy tantra is a discipline with orgasm. I have read the information scientifique of the book and i have approved totally. I have read many articles of PubMed. It's ok.
The book speak muvh of tantra. But tantra is with orgasm or not?
Thank you.


Prego! Thank you for writing.

There are many different practices under the name of "tantra." Orgasm is often part of many of them, although one can find evidence in sources from Tibet ('Sky Dancer' by Keith Dowman) and India ('Energy and Eros' by James Powell) that mention that orgasm is a problem for both men and women.

Needless to say, it is easier to sell Tantra classes promising orgasm! So we hear a lot more about tantra-with-orgasm, especially in the West.

I believe that my book is about the hidden potential of relationships as part of a spiritual practice. Therefore, since too much passion tends to lead to emotional separation over time, it is best to learn to avoid orgasm as consistently as possible, while placing one's energies into mutual affection, touch, and giving.

In contrast, much tantra is about having a very intense sexual experience...but not about preserving relationships to establish a solid foundation for deeper union. The tantra tradition often expects relationships to be quite brief.

The relationship between my work and tantra is indeed a confusing area. The two have much in common, but are not strictly the same. I hope this helps.