"Is Porn Bad for You?"

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Good article about how the porn epidemic crept into our culture, and its effects.

I always enjoy hearing that

I always enjoy hearing that I'm not the only with a problem, and that the problem for society IS as big as I imagined it. Every time that I have tried discussing negative effects of porn or over-masturbation with friends (discussing it with them, not performing it...) I get shot down, which I suppose is a ego/self defence mechanism of some kind. I always ended up feeling like the prude.

I feel like if I really want to be part of the solution, then my enemy is the silence that I have kept about my issue... or something like that.

Well said

Clarity can be annoying to self and others sometimes. Wink But there's no forward motion without it.

We're so conditioned to analyze sexual arousal as "excellent," that we don't see we're caught in the spokes of a speeding wheel...until we do. Unfortunately, it's usually an uncomfortable awakening.


Because I was spending so much time until recently on my sex addiction I never had true clarity before. I only started to think that maybe there was something wrong when I started looking into meditation to try to solve the constant stress I seemed to be under. It was then that the stress and the addiction appeared to be linked together. The scales fell from my eyes so to speak. I am much less stressed now, I feel like a free man once again. I am indebted to Marnia and this site for the encouragement and information that it has given me. I am released from a kind of hell on earth that I never want to return to.

How do you expect your friends to know what steadiness feels like until they step off the "roller coaster" as Marnia calls it? Maybe some of them never got on it in the first place. How can you convince yourself to step off until you recognise the symptoms of addiction and stress in yourself? It's a developmental problem. My development as a person has been stunted by the amount of time I spent on my addiction to the detriment of nearly other facet of my life.

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I can't

help being struck by how many more people are using antidepressants (1 in 10 here in the States, I read not long ago) and anti-stress meds. Nor can I help wondering how much of their distress is reversible...simply by not overtaxing their reward circuitry and waiting for things to swing back to balance.

And, just as you say, no one thinks about it because we all know so little about our brains, and orgasm always feels like a "cure" rather than a source of over-stimulation. It's a sneaky little problem, all right.

Glad you're feeling better.