Sexual Fantasy of me and my wife's sexual performance

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Recntly, i read the Question and Answer page of the website that deals with masturbation and sexual fantasy...

i myself have been watching porn and maturbationing and have sexual fantasies. i tried to stop it from now on but the tolerance effect is still on my mind...

1. How can i stop my sexual fantasy towards my wife?

2. How can i avoid the thrills of excitement of a-day-before sexual activity encounter without having a sexual fantasy of what-should-be my wife's sexual performance?
3. How can i calm my mind and feel relax, instead of focusing myself to a sexual fantasy activity encounter?

Sexual Fantasy of me and my wife's sexual performance

Have you tried the Exchanges in book? The idea is not to fight with yourself,
but rather to replace your former habits with new ones...which give you
something constructive to do. It takes time, so be patient with yourself and
keep trying. It's like starting a new exercise just have to keep
coming around to where you want to head now.

Get your wife's help, too, by talking with her.