Can we erase the addiction pathways ?

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When we have an addiction the brain creates neural pathways. Because of these well formed pathways the recovery becomes difficult.
Is there any direct way of altering the pathways other than behavioral modifications or de-addiction programs ? Like some kind of quick heal which could erase the unwanted pathways ?

i believe we can....

It just takes time. Think back to something you used to be addicted to, whether it may have been a food or something else. I remember i was addicted to certain things and habits when i was younger, but then for reasons i was unable to still do them. Stopping habits was kind of forced on me, and i had to learn to deal with the early struggles, but eventually i forgot about them. I still remember what they were to this day, however they hold no power over me.

I believe its the same thing with porn. I believe the longer you don't look at, or think about it, it starts to become a distant memory. Thats why i have learned, when people go to "test" themselves, and see where their at, that its not a good thing. It only can reinforce those pathways. Nowadays everytime a porn thought comes into my brain i force myself to think of something else, it was tough at first, but isnt really anymore.

One of my main goals has always been to gain my sex drive back toward real women. Slowly the above strategy has been working. I figure the less and less i think about porn the less power it holds over me. No need to test myself and such, my body will tell me when things are getting back to normal. this is all why stopping the MB as well.

Its funny, cause a day or two ago for the first time i actually briefly remembered early porn scenes from years ago, one's when i first started looking. its as if my brain was working backwards.

I'm not saying not to admit you have an addiction, i will always remember it, and the trouble it can cause. That doesn't mean however i have to think about porn though. I want to erase it from my memory. I remember reading a couple stories even on here, guys admit that even in as little as a couple weeks, the porn thoughts start to clear out of the head, and i'm starting to become a believer in that theory.

Porn addiction

I think the addiction can be overcome. I think there is a big difference between porn and masturbation. The temptation to "test" has no real validity for porn. For two reasons. One, there's no necessity to test that. One might test their orgasmic feeling by some minor masturbation, or check to make sure you're in a period of sensitivity when expecting to have sex, but unlike orgasm, one should generally have as a goal to not look at porn again. I know because I'm married I'll have an orgasm again. I don't see avoiding that altogether, or really want to. So I'll have to deal with that fall out, if any. But when does one say, "I can't avoid watching some porn, because I really have to have it to bond with my partner?" If you've stayed away from it, never. Testing serves no real purpose. The test is in not watching it.

But the other reason is really quit simple. To say you're going to test yourself, even if you've been away from porn for years, is subjecting yourself to a highly addictive drug. It would be like a cocaine addict saying to himself after having been off of it for a few months, "I'm just going to test myself, to see if I can resist its pull." Why? Are you nuts! It's a highly addictive drug. Why would you do that? Best case, you do it once and the experience isn't all that rewarding and you go on your way just as you would have without the test, no better off because of it. Worse case, you become addicted again, even if you have successfully broke that addiction. If you became addicted to it once, you can again, easy enough. Like when you get poison ivy, you stay away from those plants because you can get it so much easier.

But I think when those addictive pathways are built into the brain are not used for an extended period of time, they can degrade to the point they no longer control you or invade your thoughts on a regular basis. But it is easy to repave those roads with dopamine blast from revisiting what created those pathways in the first place.

Thanks to all...

I feel it would be arrogance to say I have tried it all, for you guys have shown so much concern for me. But the fact is I am looking for a physical process ( like taking an eraser and rubbing of the pathways ! Shows how desperate I am ).

However this is also because of my recent interest in neurological processes of the brain.

I do certain amount of healing so was wondering whether some kind of energy healing be attempted to heal people like me who are cases where medication is useless and surgery is called for.


The pathways in question are too delicate for surgery. They are connections in the synapses of dendrites of nerve cells, and they wander all over your brain (to anything you've connected with sexual arousal).

Time and consistency seem to be the only way to weaken them, just as choosing new behaviors in their place seems to be the only way to create "preferred" pathways for future use.

I think in the end....

As most of you have said its about weakening the pathways. If your looking at the women in porn, and their doing all sorts of crazy things it may be harder for you to get aroused by normal women. They seem to vanilla compared to the women we see in porn. I used to "test myself" alot, but then i kinda realized, whats the point. There really is none. I think the best course of action is to just stay away from the porn thoughts and things will slowly change. If you can force your brain to forget the porn thoughts over time, then naturally i would believe normal things will arouse you again. Testing oneself just reinforces those pathways to porn.

I think this summed it up best, one guy mentioned that he believed recovery depended on how deep porn was integrated into your brain, and i agree with that. The only way to get it out is with time. Sure those thoughts may always be there, but if you go from looking at porn everyday, to thinking about it maybe a couple mins a day its going to make a difference, and eventually you won't even think about it at all, it will seem like a distant memory. Thats how i feel all addictions are. I used to eat fast food almost everyday, but then i was forced to stay away from it for a month, after that month i had no desire to eat it again, it was much easier to stay away and eat healthy.

Quick Fixes

The elusive 'magic bullet'. We'd love it, a pill to cure everything without effort. There is no 'quick fix' for this, it requires time, effort, and persistance. Do the structures that are formed ever go away? Yeah, they will, but they will ALWAYS have the potential to come back, should you let them. Just stick it out, and I reckon that when you see results, you'll not want to go back down that path.

You are the catalyst in your own future. No one else is going to change it for you so change it into what you want it to be.

Good luck and keep trucking!