Couples' "I missed you"

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often times i felt guilty when my wife will tell me "i missed you" if we dont met for a long time...

often times i wish its better we shouldnt emotionally bond in the first place since im the end i can sense that she feel sad if she doesnt see me for a 3-5 days.

am i stupid?

its just that i felt gulity that i make her feel sad for missing me.

how can i feel her better?

what scientific evidence why the female often "emotionally" misses the presence of her male partner?

Couples' "I missed you"


as you practice non-orgasmic sex with your wife, and use this practice to connect on a deeper level with her, you may find out that you are much more in tune with her. You'll probably understand her better, then, and she'll understand you better, too.
It takes time. See for yourself where this new form of sexuality leads you.

It also occurs to me that the person you should ask those questions is your wife, herself. You seem to be a very nice man, in the way that you care about how your wife feels, and why she feels this way. She knows best. Talk to her. :)