Abstinence problems

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The longest abstinence period which I observed that I can remember in the last ten years was in the last year for about 90 days.

I was actually going through period of vrata ( Kind of ascetic practice in which you resolve to carry out ruless and stick to it.)

In this period I did not have much trouble being away from porn and masturbation. However I had a strange problem. I Observed a nine day cycle after which I used to feel full, then slowly the semen would trickle now and then , and especially come out in small amount when I urinate. It was not painful but uncomfortable and I was wondering whether I should masturbate for the sole purpose of clearing it out.

So what I did was I concentrated on something which was very erotic and without any masturbation ejaculated within about 10 seconds from bringing this thought to my mind. I did this twice in the period of nine months without which I would have felt extremely uncomfortable.

This was the major cause of me not following abstinence ( I was not having any kind of sex whatsoever).

Please tell me whether this is something which others have observed ? ( I did not have wet dreams, even if I started with some such dream my mind would suppress it at the route.)

I have had similar things

I have had similar things happen. Just this last 33 day abstinence before I fell into this period of 10 3 4 4 that I am in now.

It happened around day 26 of the 33 day period. I did not use any images or thoughts and just observed it. So did not ejaculate that day.

I did give in the next week though but there was no release till I masturbated that day.

I have during my time dealing with this addiction have episodes of my body release with orgasm without me doing anything as well as near ejaculation without me masturbating or uses images or fantasy.

I have not had any wet dreams. Mean releasing in my sleep. I have woken while having a dream that I had an orgasm in. No fluid release just the dream. Those set me off into masturbation any way though.

I think it just takes time for the body to adjust to not getting O's and M'ing as well as not getting stimulated by porn images. Mine at least was so trained it was hard for it to stop. I dealt with it going for O with out me doing anything. Was hard to deal with at first. Now I think I am mostly past that.

Now it is just the mental crash that pushes me over. Not sure how to deal with it yet. My mind feels like it is tearing itself apart. If I can just deal with the pain for 4 or 5 days I usually get past 2 weeks. been past 2 weeks 4 or 5 times now. longest was 44 days.

It seems to be getting more intense for me. My mental state is getting worse on the 3 to 4 days after an O now. I guess I am just going to have to deal with it and fight it till something gets in balance.

So I think it is probably normal for someone that has been in a long m/o/p/f addiction.

be safe