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I warn everyone i don't think this will be for everyone, but i wanted to share something that has been helping me lately. Lately i've been doing research on neurotransmitters and the relationship it has to certain vitamins in our body. Turns out what we put into our body has a huge impact on how the brain functions.

For the past couple years i have been not only addicted to P and MB, but i also have had anxiety and depression symptoms related to such things. The past 3 months though i feel i have really made huge strides with the Porn addiction, i have only MB a select few times and haven't even looked at porn, my other symptoms were getting better as well. Overall mood and such. However one of my main concerns is that my libido had taken a big hit. Even up until 10 days ago it wasn't all that great.

So i started thinking, between the P and excessive MB, and the anxiety i probably spent years depleting my body of things i need to make my brain function accordingly. So ten days ago i started taking a regular multivitamin, a b vitamin complex, and ginseng (which i know has been known to help with libido and such by possibly limiting prolactin). The results have been really good so far, if my libido was a 2, its gone to like a 7-8. The reasons i started taking the vitamins in the first place was the stress, and they have not only helped with that, but with other things as well.

I will warn though, increasing the libido obviously increases the need for sex, and stuff like MB. However even though that may be the case, for me i have learned to control my urges from this site over the past year. Its still early but things are looking positive for me. I had increased energy from abstaining, but even more now. Again whether you agree with me or not on something like this is fine, but i've been here for a year now, and i felt i wanted to share what seemed to be working, i know this might not be for everyone, but for me at least its not only been about the P and MB, thats a big part, but the stress and anxiety as well. Things have gotten better, and now have gotten even more of a boost.

Between being able to control more urges, the increase in energy, and the reduction in stress, things are feeling good. I hope they continue in a positive direction. Again though don't look at this as a quick fix, i don't believe it is. I have spent months fighting P and MB, and have had some good success at abstaining, i'm just saying its something that could potentially help in restoring the body to normalcy.

I usually

take a good multivitamin, and I think this one has Ginseng in it. Been doing that for a long time, prior to abstaining. Might be one of the reasons why i didn't seem to have any big post-orgasm crash like some, though I don't ever recall having those in general, aside from the two weeks I abstained this year and had it coming back into it.

was wondering.....

Cole, did you see any improvement while taking it? I agree on the hangover thing, maybe its cause of the increase in energy. I'm not sure. I also have a theory on escalation, i'm not sure if this is even close to correct. But when we over MB obviously we mess up the brain chemistry in our heads, since we are sexual beings the desire to be sexual is always going to be their. If you combine the messing up with the brain chemistry and the desire to have sex, then maybe thats what causes us to escalate into more intense porn, or into porn in general. I'm not sure. However at the very least the vitamins in my opinion have been beneficial. At the very least they give me energy. I also notice that my brain functions alot better, i stopped forgetting stuff and such. As i told you sometimes i have anxiety, and i have read when anxiety it present we sometimes lose essential vitamins which can lead to things such as depression, between this and the MB i think i depleted my body. I look the abstaining process and the process of taking these supplements as a 1-2 punch to sort of replenish my body. Things are looking positive, but i've been here before. So we'll see.

Since I've been

taking them fairly regularly for at least the last ten years, if not longer, it would be hard for me to identify any specific benefit. Note, some vitamins also have a caffeine producing type ingredient in it, which can provide an immediate energy boast, but subsequent crash if it is all on it. But most vitamins use a lot of the B vitamins to help produce energy. So read carefully what's in them.

But there have been times when I ran out before my next ones were delivered, and I could probably identify some energy lag during those times, though for me it wouldn't be "Wow, what a difference!" So I'm sure it helps. But then again, those two crashes I had after abstaining for a week and returning to regular masturbation were pretty huge, and I believe I took my vitamins then too. So it obviously, at least for me, isn't the whole picture. There are lots of variables here, and sometimes freak, rare events can mess up the results too.

Thanks for sharing

It seems evident that nutrition is a key piece of the puzzle for many. It's always wise to stay open to other insights, too. As you say, people may differ. But, as Lolita points out, the human diet is pretty shaky these days in comparison with our ancestors' diets (in some ways), and depending upon our habits, genetic make-up, age, whatever, we may need to patch a few holes. Wink