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if i have an accidental orgasm after a failed karezza.

1. should i keep physical distance from my wife?

2. Should i still continue the giving her affectinate exchanges thoughout the week despite of my accidental orgasm?

3. In the Phase 1. going naked exposing our genitals in the bed is NOT allowed (since we have to wear only our underwear). BUT is ok if we see each naked together if we took a bath together during the morning day in our first two weeks in Phase 1?

I'm planning to take this Exchange of the Day during Phase 1 as a practice example with my wife in the morning after we wake up:

"The Bathing Exchange

While you fill the tub, give each other a standing hug for at least a minute. Feel the energy flowing between you. Now, gently undress each other and bathe together (or soak in a hot tub). If bathing, be sure to wash your lover rather than yourself. If you shampoo, do that for each other, too. If something needs shaving, try gently shaving your partner."

thanks for your comments and suggestions a while ago of my previous posts. :)