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I'm trying to figure out why I was doing well for a period and am sliding backward at the moment. It is kind of weird as I can at times feel what seems like my brain shuffling the wires around. I notice it more now on the downward trend than when I was on the upward trend. It is a bit like getting a headache in slow motion, but the headache never comes. It is a bit hard to sort out what brought about this current trend because too many things are always going on at the same time such that I don't know what causes what. One thing I did observe is hierarchy of human interaction which can make it a lot easier to stay on track with in person being best and then written communication (not sure where phone fits in). Not all interaction are comparable. There must be some sense of connection. Just being social doesn’t work for me. I don’t think the content of the interaction matters, but I’m not sure.

Lengthy contact sort of shifts any obsessiveness to thought which may not in itself be good. Does one really beat the obsessiveness or does the mind just get distracted so that it has no processing space for P/M/O at that time? Or is there is a sort of mental parallel to Karezza triggered by deep interaction which many lack too in this superficial, digital age. I noticed that when my mind is lost in thought, most sense of addictiveness subsides. The downside is it is hard to focus on anything while the mind is truly free. Even keeping a daily routine can be difficult. As soon as I rein in my mind, it has time to fight to get its way.

Do those who blog / journal find similar interaction benefits even though there is no one who can react to your thoughts (there are if one blogs here)? Does the constant communicating /writing bring the thoughts or does one have to be in a thoughtful mode to keep the thoughts coming?