Desensitization and the brain.....

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I just wanted to present two scenarios to some on here and see what they though. During my recovery i have gone through weekly periods without any porn and MB. One of my goals has been to gain my sex drive back toward real women, i can tell you first off that it def works. However i have tried different things in those periods and i wanted to get your opinion on the following two scenarios.

The first scenario is i quit P and MB for around 20 days. During this time i made an effort not to even look at any women in a sexual manner, this way i felt i was letting my body and my mind reset itself. So basically if i saw a women in something revealing i would try and look away and think of something else real quick for those 20 days. After that period things were alot better, its almost as if my mind reset itself as a whole. Even if i MB occationally, (maybe once a week) without the P things were still ok. However not knowing at the time i feel back in the P trap.

The second scenario is i did the same things as the above, however in that time instead of looking at P, i looked at regular women, and at times i would guess i fantasized sexually. After the 20 days thing did improve, however they didn't improve as much as the first scenario. I could still get aroused by regular women again, but not as much, sort of like because i was fantasizing so much my mind kind of hit a plateau.

I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on why this might be. My original thoughts were in the first scenario i allowed my mind more time to heal, i allowed the brain to reset itself, and while it was still happening in the second scenario as well, maybe by fantasizing so much i was slowing up the process.

I really feel in my mind, that if you can get to a certain point, you can stay their as long as you don't lapse back into the porn, and don't overdo it if one desides to occationally MB again. Maybe its all about letting the dopamine receptors heal, i'm not sure. Its all definetely one big learning experience.