Transmutation of Sex into High States of Love and Yoga

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Greetings Marnia, thanks for creating such an awesome website!

I just had to link to your incredible website from several locations from within my "Science of Wholeness" website because it complements extremely well with all that I write about on my website. I fanatically agree with your views and your approach to sexuality. I am so excited to finally find, after all these years, a website that fully supports my own knowledge and understanding regarding the importance of conserving and transmuting sexual energy! It seemed like one was either celibate or not, but nowhere in between while I am fully aware of the awesome benefits of transmuting sexual relationships into love, as well as profound spiritual and psychological health and well-being.

I have been truley fascinated in and have been experimenting with transmutation and trying conservation of sexual fluids for over 25 years to avoid the depression and biochemically induced "guilt" feelings that naturally follow conventional orgasm and to enjoy spiritual enlightenment. That the sexual energy can be tansmuted into love, loving relationships, and a happier and more meaningful marriage I've known about for years and years and really longed to have such a relationship myself for years and years too. In fact I have even written a book about the subject: The Science of Wholeness which is completely available online at no cost to anyone at my website,

The only drawback regarding my online book that has information in it regarding the beauty and endless possibilities of sexually transmuted relationships (spiritual marriage), is that I have never been married and almost never been in a relationship. For many years I suffered from loneliness, depression and anxiety and I have had very little success with women and at the same time had a hard time finding someone who agrees with my blissful, love and affection oriented lifestyle of "wholeness" or transmutation with fasting on ionized water and high antioxidant, superfood diets. There are other problems and complications too, however I am still hoping that some day I will find my soul mate. I don't mind too much these days because I often find myself in intense, kundalini activated bliss and feel the Goddess' love whenever I need it.

As a single male yogi, I am determined to experience savikalpa samadhi which is an extremely high breathless state of yoga that occurs when the body is so infused with pranic energy (kundalini energy which is transmuted sexual energy) that the need for respiration ceases. I seem to have strong craving for this state and try to achieve it daily. I am also fascinated in the afterlife and higher relms beyond the physical because I find the physical world and all its mental and physical limitations quite frustrating. You could say that I was an "Indigo Child" to the extreme, and now, as an adult, the spiritual and artistic side of me has grown even more expansive and abundant.

Hope this makes sense!

All the best to you and everyone else.


Here's my view on your topic.

I think the fact that you haven't had many experiences with women is not a drawback. It could be a blessing in disguise. If you think about it, everything that we see as painful is wisdom. What could you possibly learn from your not having the relationship you seek, your perceived painful situation? Something about yourself, what you're doing or not doing, are you trying too hard? Beating yourself up? Acting too uptight?

The way i see it, each of us is responsible for what comes into our lives and what doesn't. The problem is not out there, with other people or situations. We could blame the world 24/7, will that help any? I guarantee you that if you're looking for equanimity, or anything good in life, you won't find it by blaming others.

I find that the more i think of others, dropping all wants and selfish, "what can i get out of this" attitudes, the more grace is allowed to flow, and fortunate events occur to me. When i try forcing things, saying this HAS to happen, it never does, and worse, it creates more problems. See, my goal is not that i want good things to happen to me, i wish good things to happen to others.

I bet if you worked on your life without spending so much time worrying whether you'll find someone, your situation will improve. It's kind of like getting erections. If you say you have to get one, or that you have to perform well, you're not going to. But if you just relax and go with the flow, Thinking about how much you love this person you're with and how much you wish to make them happy, your erection will happen. And you know what? Sometimes it won't, but you just keep on giving, it's a practice, not a magic pill. You don't give in order to receive. You give because it's better than receiving.

Have faith in the laws of the universe. From my experience, they don't fail. You will attract that which you are.

I hope i didn't offend you or cause you to get confused or upset.

Thanks for your letter.

A Reply

Thanks for your reply to my comment Zendel. Glad to find this very important website is still here!

Now, more than one and a half years later, I have progressed quite a bit in my transmutation and spiritual life, thank goodness! Careful conservation of sexual energy continues to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I have discovered the more strict the celibacy, the more fulfilling the 2-3 hour meditations I have every day. Also when living in bliss from such a long period of brahmacharya, celibacy becomes profoundly natural and makes it much easier to deal with the realities of life and yet also makes me more self-confident and sociable with women. Kundalini is extremely active almost all the time.

Many years ago when I first tried perfect celibacy it was extremely difficult. Anything worthwhile in life seems to require effort to reach. I have noticed there are definitely several significant stages and/or different kinds of "celibacy" that most of us have to go through ranging from moderation, tantra, occasional, and finally complete celibacy which finds its fulfillment in samadhi bliss and freedom from the limitations of the fleshly prison. The last kind of celibacy is the most perfect kind, and should be the ultimate goal because of the fantastic benefits it gives to the celibate. The Divine marriage inside one's soul could and should also be the foundation for every actual relationship and/or marriage.

Please "Google" my article, "Beware of the Conspiracy of Nature"

Hope this note will inspire others. All the best and many blessings to all!