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I just have a quick question for some of the guys on here whom have been in recovery. I noticed that after about 3-4 weeks recovering, and only MB once to my imagination, that it seems like my penis has more life to it. For example, i read that the normal flaccid penis is about 3-4 inches long. Mine on the other hand when i was over masturbating was definitely not that big, it always felt dull, like it had no life to it, and it just had a shrinkage type look to it. Like as if it were in the cold for a while. Again now, i don't believe its gotten bigger, but its just when i don't have an erection my penis is longer, it feels more normal. Just an observation i was wondering if anyone else experienced anything similar, or if you had noticed.

I agree

I think that when I was Over masturbating. 1-5 times per day. I actually had an over release adreline and other substances that put me in a fight of flight mode the whole day. My penis was smaller because it had very little blood in it and the scrotum was always wrinkled up to the body. Both signs of chemical inbalances and fight or flight the whole day. Masturbation and I think sex in general should not be an everyday thing. Masturbation should be almost never and sex only if you can get it up without stroking, especially in our condition.