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Hi, I had a dream thismorning and I dreamt I had an orgasm but normally in these dreams I wake up to feel the effects or the ripples associated with the orgasm.Thismorning I woke up sometime after and I can only remember it as a dream. I wondering if this constitutes going back to the beginning, we have teken four weeks to get to the end of the nurturing phase and we were to do our final one tonight.On one level Id be dissapointed if wed come all this way only to start again. On another I feel even if it wasnt a full blown actual dopamine blasting orgasm its telling me we are still a bit wobbly to be going forward without creating more balance.Then again Im not sure at all which way to go. My husband has recently been having trouble feeling hungary a lot, he has been fine until recently but has said its been so long and he and really misses connecting with me through intercourse, so Im also worried hes going to be dissapointed. If you could suggest some ideas or exercises that can help that would be good.Fearing that its going to be too hard to start all over again when we were just about to start making love. Needing a touch of guidance, Amie.

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Have been reading through the forum and found quite a bit of info about the above subject. Still any further info will be appreciated. Have also been discussing all this with my hubby thisevening and am realizing a lot of energy is rising again around an incident of abuse in my childhood.I feel that this dream orgasm has given me some space and focas to heal with this for myself and the fear it creates around intimacy with my partner. Its all happening for big healthy reasons I think.
Cheers, Amie

Unsure, need some advice.

I can certainly sympathize with what you're going through. I do think that "slips" open up space for things that need to come up. I'm not sure that's the only way for them to come up, but I've learned to trust the process. Progress is often preceded by retrogression.

Basically, I've learned that this practice brings up for healing anything that "separates" the two of you from deeper union. In my case, my husband's 12-year addiction came out of the closet. That seemed like a hopeless situation...and yet, as we stayed with the practice, or rather began again, it did heal. It was messy for a while, though. :-)   So perhaps your abuse issue is up for healing.

Dream orgasms are a nuisance. They definitely do mess with one's energy field for the two weeks in my experience. Yet, I understand your husband's impatience. Is there any chance that he would read an older, shorter book? It was written about 75 years ago by a man, and I think it may help him aim higher. If so, send me a private message and I'll attach it as a pdf file and send it to you.

Good luck and keep in touch.