Some feed back on advertising.

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I was recently asked how I came about to be practising this process, because I was raving about how profound its been in changing things positively in my relationship.
I remembered how Id actually first come about a leaflet in my local hall and my first reponse in reading it was scepticism. As a result I missed out on being a part of the workshop happening just down the road.The thing I found hard to relate to in the leflet was that the idea of relating less passionately was going to be a way of strengthening our sexaual intimacy, because we have always been proud of our passion for one another .
I find passion is not missing in our sexuality since doing Peace, self orientated hunger and need, and also fear of deep intimacy are the things that are dissolving. Passion also means different things to different people.
Peace has given us a path away from the seemingly endless conflict/connection rollercoaster.
I explain to people that through the process of doing the exchanges and ritual with my partner everyday we have deepened and opened our hearts , and are learning to truely give love selflessly to each other that our relationship is blossoming in ways I only dreampt of.
The releasing of addiction side of things is also a huge positive change. We find we are generally less needy people.

I still dont really relate to the "less passionate" concept in the leaflet and thought this might be handy in feed back about design ect. If Id not been recommended P.B.T.S. from a friend who gave us the CD rom I may not have gotten past my initial reponse and found out how amazing it all is.
Hope this is helpful, Amie

Some feed back on advertising.

Thanks for your insights. Now I'm even more sorry that we didn't meet while we were in Byron Bay.

I agree that "Peace" can be a juicy practice, but how SHOULD we describe it in a short flyer like the one you saw? I hate to say drivel about "lovemaking to heal relationships" as it sounds like every other workshop. I like to prepare people a little bit for what's (not) coming.

What would you recommend?

Thanks, Amie.

Warm regards,