Can Karezza help in conception

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I am in my 5th day of deaddiction from porn. I am practicing bonding behaviours with my wife whenever we get time with each other.

My wife explained about karezza - The non-orgasmic sex. I have understood that doing karezza will help increase the bond but as it practices non-orgasmic sex, i request a clarification of how it might help in conception. We are planning to have a baby for the past 5 years and was not able to due to my porn addiction. We are now ready to wait till I come out of this addiction to get a child.
Can some one please explain how to use karezza in such a way that it does not stop our chances of conception as we want to get a child at least when we are ready to beget one.

Also while practicing bonding behaviours, I get erection. As marnia suggested, my wife keeps her hand on my penis gently until my erection subsides. Now I am worried that if this continues, even if we decide to have a baby in the future, this might condition me in such a way that if I get an erection, I may lose it when my wife touches me. Can some one please clarify on this as I think this is a sort of conditioning behaviour.

I know that I am very confused and I require some clarity.

Many thanks in advance

I understand your concern

but I think you may be trying to rush things. First, there's research showing that when men masturbated 2.4 times a day for 10 days...their sperm count was still (a bit) abnormally low five months later. So too frequent ejaculation to porn may have affected your sperm count. Obviously, it could take time for your body to return to normal levels of fertility if you were masturbating very frequently. (You know your own situation.)

You are right that karezza is not a good idea when conception is desired, but it may be wise to put conception off for several months while you get your brain back in balance. Karezza is very good for that job.

I don't see the risk of the "conditioning" behavior. When you want to sustain your erection, you become the active partner. Wink Only ask her to touch you when you want to relax from an overexcited state. It's nice when partners can do both things for each other, no?

How are you feeling?

Yes Thank you

I am feeling fine, Thank you marnia. I am in day 6 now without Porn. We tried Karezza yesterday, believe it or not, I now see what I missed all throughout my married life. We stayed with complete love for four hours together for the first run (we were in bonding for 2 hours even before that). Orgasm was not a goal for us, but I did ejaculate once in between (I didnt feel it like an orgasm at all,but couldnt help it as we were new to karezza,Hope I will improve) but did not find it as an end, I couldnt see any tiredness and was fresh..We felt really relaxed and comforting, and my penis was ready again, since it was 2.30 am in the night we thought we must go to sleep. Before trying the karezza all our passionate love making sessions lasted maximum for an hour followed by tiredness and never felt divine like this.

Regarding masturbation, I never masturbate while watching porn, It just stops with erection or I just masturbate once in a while (once a week when out of the porn issue or 2 to 3 times a week when in peak porn addiction after marriage), when I think back, I understand that watching porn was not to experience masturbation,I had family issues with my parents to face which I couldnt discuss it with my wife,just to make her not feel bad.To keep it away from telling it to my wife,I had to hide it and isolate myself in some situations which continued for sometime but it became an innate habit,which made me fall back into the old routine of porn watching.

We have planned to try for a baby only by next year or so after I come out of the addiction completely.