Can years of over masturbation, lower testosterone?

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My question here is can years of over masturbation, lower testosterone?

I got my result today and my level of testosterone was 212 ng/dl. The range that quest diagnostic lab suggests is 241 - 827 ng/dl and I read on the internet that the average for a male who is 32 years (me). Should be around 600 ng/dl

My sex hormone binding glob was 12 nmol/L, the suggested range by quest was 8-48 nmol/L.

I have read on the internet that each ejaculation diminishes zinc and other nutrients. I was already not getting any zinc, because very few foods have it. Usually you can only get it through a vitamin or supplement. I started taking a multi-vitamin a few weeks ago, but the test was conducted on july 9 and I received the results today. I have read you also need magnesium and some other vitamins like B6 and D.

I looked on the site

for various foods and very few contain any of the needed vitamins and minerals.

Just put in a for example pizza and you will see.

I think the lack of these necessary nutrients plus over masturbation ( like 1-5 times per day for almost 20 years contributed to my erectile dysfunction and also to low levels of testosterone. Testosterone certainly seems to be necessary in order to have a libido and also get an erection. I very very very rarely wake up with an erection and can't get an erection even by myself without the pressure of a woman present. I have been a chronic masturbator plus used porn on almost all occasions for at least the last 10-15 years.

I think this is what has caused my low testosterone.

so my question is

Can years of over masturbation, lower testosterone?

and are any suggestions that you ladies and gentlemen have that can help increase and restore testosterone.

Lift weights, work larger

Lift weights, work larger muscle groups in particular and eat a diet full of a variety of real vegetables. These things are known to increase testosterone and from trying them out, Ive noticed a big difference in the way that I feel. Im not sure if abstaining directly increases testosterone, but it doesnt seem to lower it. Most importantly, having greater control over your life by having a healthy sexuality will naturally give you more masculine qualities. Being powerless to any kind of addiction is not going to bring out a man's strong qualities, either in body or character.

I have always had a boyish demeanor, even though I am 33, I look much younger, and I have carried myself the same way. However, after I started to gain more control of my addiction and started to seriously work out following a consistent program, I noticed major differences. I feel the most striking are greater muscle mass and deepening of the voice and a kick-ass Bruce Willis demeanor.

Find a strength and mass building program and stick with it for a few months, eat healthy and cut out processed junk and sodas, take vitamins, and hang out with guys and I am sure you will see and feel a difference in a short time.

Courage is knowing what not to fear.

I once read that

testosterone levels normalized in various patients with ED once intercourse with a partner resumed. So please increase your friendly interaction with real potential partners. I bet that, alone, will improve how you feel. Smile

The relationship between ejaculation and testosterone is not as simple as implied many places on the internet. However, the relationship between heavy masturbation/porn and the numbing of the pleasure centers of the brain (causing ED and an ever increasing search for more stimulation...and a lot of other symptoms) is getting clearer and clearer. It doesn't just come down to testosterone or semen loss, as many claim. There are changes in the brain going on, which you can read about at this site.

Have a look at the wiki articles about porn recovery. One of them addresses testosterone if you want to learn more.

I'm sorry you're suffering. Are you willing to stop using porn? Cut way back on masturbation? If not, the supplements, alone, may not help much.

*big hug*

I think you are on to something EJP

While I agree with Marnia that the proximal cause of the problems rest with brain chemistry, I think that years of chronic over masturbation DO cause some sort of lowered testosterone. I believe this is the case with me--just like you.

I have just seen too many anecdotal characteristics of the masturbator to dismiss the long term effects on testosterone.


OK, I've added this thread

to the wiki. You may well be onto something. Just know that a decrease in androgen (testosterone) receptors, which has been documented after sexual satiety in male rats, may also be part of the equation. If that's going on, then taking testosterone will only mask a deeper problem.