not touching your penis will eventually make it stand up

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As I have mentioned in another thread, That I have ceased to use porn or ejaculate since Jun 28, 2010. However, I have masturbated I guess quite often since then without ejaculating.

I have always had problems getting erections since I first tried sex with my girlfriend at 19 and never really had any morning erections ever. I have seen various doctors so here I'm posting my story - which I also posted on another site called

since I posted this story I still haven't looked at porn,strippers or ejaculated.

However, I do have an update. I have stroked my penis rather hard I guess and was able to get my penis up today for 3 hours straight yes 3 hours no misprint, with my friend who is a woman watching me. I was lying on the bed completely naked. Yesterday without anyone present I was able to stroke it and keep it erect for 1 and half hours (also completely naked) and the day before for one hour ( without anyone present - also completely naked). Now I wasn't able to get an erection immediately, but with a lapse of perhaps 10 minutes each time more or less, I was able to get an erection going. Each time when I would stop stroking, the penis would start to lose its erection something like 20 seconds without being stroked. This happened everytime and everyday. Now, other than me being naked I didn't have any other visual stimulant. And in the past me being naked, especially in front of a woman made me super nervous, and self conscious. Not only I wouldn't get an erection, most of the time my penis would become tiny from the fear and the adrelnine in my body.

Now, I don't want anyone disgusted by this posting or think I'm a lunatic, but I just wanted to share this news. The reason being is that before I stopped watching porn and ejaculating, I was never even really able to get my penis to stand up, other than using cialis and viagra ( and even with the medicines the experience was usually very mixed). All I'm taking are vitamins and tongkat ali on a 5/3 cycle - both I describe in the story at the bottom .I have never really been able to get my penis to stand up. ( this I mean in absolutely all cases, with or without a women present, with or without porn, with or without stroking, even heavy stroking). Most of the time I would stroke, a semi-erect penis, that was on its way to losing its erection becoming flaccid. I would stroke, stroke, stroke, until I would ejaculate, almost always while viewing porn on the internet, and before the internet I used magazines. I always thought somewhat stupidly that the more porn I viewed the more turned on I would be. I again would like to add very stupidly thought this.

Now that I haven't viewed porn, or ejaculated. I have revolutionary changes. I'm able to keep an erection going for 3 hours. Granted I have to stroke it, but still. All this without porn.

well the main reason I'm posting this. Is that I think if I stop stroking my penis I will be able to get morning erections and sponteanous
erections during the day.

I think the more stimuli you take away, the more your brain adjusts. It may take along time but eventually I hope that I will wake up with erections and have erections simply through fantasy of momentarily thinking about something, as oppose to the life that I have been living where I would stroke a pretty much flaccid penis to heavy porn, 1-5 times per day, everyday. I think I have certainly created hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances with this extreme habit. I think even stroking the penis creates excitement in the brain that does not help someone cure themselves of this problem. If you are stroking and getting some sort of mild erection or blood is filling up the penis even a little it is obvious that you are creating sexual excitement and neurotransmitters are continued to be used and the imbalance in the brain that was present before is probably not being corrected as it should or being corrected much slower, as oppose to no stimulus whatsoever. I think it is better to do what I did, than use heavy porn, stroke hard and ejaculate to strong images, but certainly abstaining completely would be much more beneficial. Since continuing this behavior would probably get my brain to think that the only way to get aroused is to lie naked on the bed and stroke myself, and I'm looking for, a scenario where I can achieve an erection without stoking, just by thinking, perhaps kissing, making out, etc.

with this post I want to help others and would like to hear what others have to say, perhaps our experiences have some common ground in one or both the story that I have below and the story the wrote above.

Here is a quote that I found somewhere on the internet and pasted in a file of information on this topic that I keep on my computer.

When you masturbate you are having sex with your own mind, and that can be way more intense than having sex with a partner that you can't control. I think it could be addictive the same way that gambling is addictive. It's not a drug, and yet you can't stop doing it.

BELOW IS THE STORY - sorry for the caps

I stopped MB and P on June 28 7:30 am. It has been eight days. Again I'm continuing with taking a complete vitamin that Ive mentioned before. Yesterday, I ve started taking tongkat ali - from sumatra pasak bumi - you guys can look it up on google. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I have always had problems with erections. I've been to many urologists, and also psychiatrist and a psychologist. One of the urologists was the Dr. Irwin Goldstein. At that time he was in boston, now he is in san francisco. He ran a series of tests. I don't remember exactly all the names as it was about 8-9 years ago. It was basically with the use of aprodastil injections in to the penis. My penis then became erect and he tested for the pressure that is in my penis and the blood flow. He told me everything was normal. All the other doctors have told me everything is normal. I had a doppler test also back then in NY. Also all normal. I'm 32 and have been masturbating since I was about 13-14 not sure exactly. I had a condition called phimosis. Where the head of the penis would not exit through the foreskin. I didnt really even know that it was suppose to. My erections were never hard. I remember I use to for a lack of a better term simply hump the bed ( this is not the best way to masturbate since it puts an unrealistic amount pressure on your penis, that would normally not happen with a woman, this would make you need alot more sensation then a woman can offer you and you will simply go limp even if you are able to get it up). At 19 being a virgin I tried sex with my girlfriend. I couldn't get it up. We tried for hours. We also tried something like on 5 different occasions. I couldn't perform. Thats when I realized I had a problem. It was clear I could not get an erection. I seeked help. I had a series of tests and the doctor advised me to have a circumcision at I believe 20 or 21. At that age I stopped humping the bed and used my hand because from that point I think that my sensitivity dropped. I think circumcision may not be the best ideas. Either way I always had trouble achieving erections, whether circumcised or not. I didnt really even understand what being hard really was suppose to be. I rarely if ever was really hard. I never had a wet dream even up to now (this is probably because of my severe masturbation habit). I also rarely rarely ever have any spontaneous erections. Also very rarely ever wake up with an erection.( all this probably due to masturbation and my body being satisified and the penis does not needing to stand up) It was mostly like either limp or slightly hard and then quickly limp. I continued to have this problem, and that's what brings me to the point from which I started where I said I saw a multitude of doctors and they all said I was normal and that it was in my head. Which it probably is.
Ive tried cialis, levitra, and viagra. Tongkat ali also I believe boosts your libido, but only the one from indonesia, not the fakes that are around. I once tried tongkat ali for about 3 days, arginine pyroglumate for 3 days then took 20 mg of cialis. The next mourning I woke up with priapism. My erection would not go down for 2 hours. I got very scared. Because I know after 4 hours you need to seek medical help. I masturbated and ejaculated, but it still did not go down. After I tried to meditate and after another 30 minutes I was able to get it down. This was the only time I was able to keep it up like this. At all other times I can't even really get it hard, it is usually just limp, hard a little and then limp. I remember only a few times in my life where I was able to get it really hard but there wasnt a girl around. I think I have babbled enough going from idea to idea, but in general conclusion. I think porn along with masturbation has created the bulk of the problem. I've masturbating for something like 18 years. and watching porn probably for close to that maybe 15 years. With the internet watching porn because alot more rempant. I most always masturbated at least once per day, usually twice and sometimes as high as five times. Almost always with porn. Looking at this logically, it is clear that seeing 1000 naked women (professionals) in different positions and every imaginable sexual act with different fetishes , different shapes, sizes, etc. would certainly desensitize you to simply having one average girl in front of you. Using your hand instead of a females vagina, simply puts too much pressure, with very acurate placement on the penis(your so called male g spot) and perfect rhythm. A woman can not duplicate this. With this scenario. It being my scenario. It seems that erections would be almost impossible.

The only possible solution is to follow what pocketfours is saying plus I have a few things to add

--go to a doctor, run tests and make sure the plumbing is working fine. meaning veins, arteries, no leakages and so worth. Make sure the problem is mental.

Now the hopeful solution,

1 No porn ever. Forget it exists, do not go strip clubs, do not anything that would not normally be present in a one on one situation with a girl.
2 No masturbation for a long time - perhaps 4 months.
3 Afterwards, If you are to masturbate do not use your hand, use this gadget called a fleshlight, it sort of mocks what a vagina would feel like, no where close to the tightness your hand gives off. If dont have this gadget then use a sock and wrap it around your penis. No way you should use your hand, the grip is way too tight.
4. take complete vitamins ( synergy version 11 is good), tongkat ali (sumatra pasak bumi, you dont have to buy from them, you can buy from a US distributor of theirs, look on ebay, find ones that sell only sumatra pasak bumi, there are also a couple which claim that they sell from sumatra but dont), maybe take arginine pyroglumate to produce more nitric oxide.

Well this is my plan. I will keep everyone informed as to how I'm progressing. Wish me luck. I'm very depressed about this problem it is keeping from living a normal life.

Thanks for sharing

your good news. I closed a "strong" tag, and maybe I got it in the wrong place.

I'll put a thread to this on the wiki about porn use and ED. Keep us posted on your progress.

And remember, the erections seen in porn movies are not the standard that normal women expect. Wink Non-sexual atheletes' erections may fade and return. So unless your goal is to become a porn star....

not touching your penis will eventually make it stand up

UNfortunate but surprisingly I have the exact same problem as mentioned above... I watch a lot of porn and masturbate a lot...
When I tried to have sex with my girl, doesnt matter how hard I try my penis would not get errect. I was dissapointed. It happened multiple times. I have seen doctor but said everything is normal.
I want to try the method you suggested. But I want to know how to use Tongkat ali.. Is it similar to a multi vitamin pills that I can take every day for a while to get to normal and hopefully lead normal man life. I am seriously loosing my confidence and want to be back on track like a wolf...
Please help me with this matter./ I would realy appreciate!!!

I wish I could

but I know absolutely nothing about it.

Just so you know what your options are, here's one man's experience with recovery via stopping porn: Maybe you can enlist your sweetheart's help in trying a new way of making love while you wait for your brain to bounce back to normal sensitivity: