erectile dysfunction and masturbation addiction

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I think the reason I can't stop stroking my penis (however I do not ejaculate), is because I have erectile dysfunction. I keep wanting to see if I can get an erection, however it is not the type of erection I should be looking for. In actuality I should abstain and wait for my penis to stand up on its own without stimulation. It sort of cycle that is preventing me from getting better. Today I'm announcing that on July 21 2010 at 5pm U.S. eastern time was the last time I stroked my penis and will now wait for erections to come due to mental processes, not physical stimulation.

The reason I'm doing this, is because I need someone to be my watchdog, and I figured this forum is perfect.

I will keep you advised on this thread and if someone has the same problem I would like to hear about it.