The "Dark Gift": The Truth behind the Legends of the "Fallen Angels"

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This website has really opened my eyes. Especially as regards the Annunaki ie "fallen angels" being multi-orgasmic who according to the bible came down to Earth and created offspring of "giants" with human females. Kind of frightening to me in fact..

The rest of the website speaks of documented male multiple orgasm whether ejaculatory or non.

I do wonder though.. is non-ejaculatory orgasm the same as karezza? This website seems to hold the opinion that orgasm is only that which has contractions, and that perhaps non ejaculatory is not the 'true' type at least in terms of the definition of a "fully blown" (yea fully blown) orgasm that most usually comes with ejaculation, although I would think most males can achieve a 'semi orgasmic release' before getting on to the full orgasm, it's not the same as "orgasm" in the traditional sense.

Non ejaculatory orgasm

I've been practicing non-ejaculatory orgasm for about 14 years, and while I don't currently practice Karezzza (no relationship), I can assure you that they're not the same thing.

An orgasm, whether ejaculatory or not, puts you into the negative cycle that "Cupid's Poisoned Arrow" has brought to light. An orgasm, ejaculatory or not, tends to feel depleting.

Non-ejaculatory orgasms can be much different than ejaculatory orgasms in that they can be more intense, you can have more of them, and for me at times they have been more transcendent.

I guess.. there might be a

I guess.. there might be a difference between the 'valley' orgasm or (maybe I'm using the wrong term) the karezza type pleasure and other non ejaculatory orgasms like the 'thrust and flutter' type I mentioned above. The thrust and flutter type does result in energy loss and drained feeling. I've never experienced the karezza type orgasm as I think it's only possible with the opposite sex... bummer.

I was also told by another male who supposedly had his kundalini awakened when young, how he could achieve 'kundalini burst' which makes one get an adrenaline rush. He said if he could do this while masturbating just before the 'peak moment/point of no return', it sort of 'resets' orgasmic pleasure and makes him feel numb, thereby not really achieving orgasm but, still avoiding it and ejaculation altogether.

He also has described to me his own spiritual practice of humming specific sequence of sounds which (are a bit of a secret) that cause this kundalini burst automatically, and if continued the bursts continue consecutively which cause what he calls a 'non sexual adren-orgasm'... which he has also used for 'spiritual purposes' including things like manifestation. This he calls the "true holy grail"... and after the humming he has an "afterglow effect."

I think it is kind of messed up that people have been hidden from the truth about sexuality, and being that it has caused so many problems in many aspects of human life.

What if for the Sumerians the Annunaki meant for the human males to be unable to acheive this multiple orgasms or only teach the method to 'certain initiates' to keep control over the humans.

Maybe this article

will shed some light on this discussion, Zone. I think you're right that karezza is a very different animal than the "sexual pleasure" referred to in your link - probably right down to the level of the human nervous system. Karezza isn't a series of explosions. It's more of a quiet, mutual "melting in."

So I'm not sure I agree that truly useful information, vital to human happiness, has been suppressed. I understand how becoming a "sex god" can seem appealing, but there's a lot of research suggesting that a close, trusted relationship is really good for your psychological and physical health...and it's not clear that becoming a sex god is an integral part of a good relationship.

Many men who master multiple orgasms seem to have little use for lasting relationships. Hot sex is addictive for us humans and can shift our priorities without improving our wellbeing.

That said, everyone should make their own experiments and find what works for them. Smile

what are your thoughts on

what are your thoughts on orgasm without erections or ejaculations?

just by focusing on the feelings and pleasures

there was a program on the other night here people were trained to experienced the feelings associated with orgasm without being aroused.

i wonder if it messes with dopamine? marnia can orgasm without ejaculation cause a dopamine rise and subsequent drop ?

My thought is:

Make your own experiments and see what you notice. For us, that "too close to the edge feeling" can cause subsequent waves, just as orgasm can. But everyone's different. Trust your own laboratory. Smile