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Well.. I've been into energy exercises for a long time now.. about 3-4 yrs, starting with NEW Energy Ways from Robert Bruce, and then also some soft qigong and meditation/yoga. Well lately i've been doing some "hard style" qigong.

Anyways.. In Marnia's book Cupid's there was a short paragraph on the side of a page on Energy Circulation.. Unfortunately there's no explanation as to how exactly "draw energy up the spine". It just says to do it..

Being that I've been into

Being that I've been into energy work for this many years, sexual energy sublimation, and circulation has been something I just do not get. Nor even much energy cultivation either. The only method I know of, is what Robert Bruce taught in NEW Energy Ways.. which pretty much says to just imagine feeling energy and/or just be aware of the area you want to fill up with energy, or trace lines for energy movement because "energy flows where attention goes". I do feel some tingling sensations, but .. it seems to be nothing more than that. No energy, just more sensitive, perhaps overly. And if anything it's more on the surface of the skin, rather than deep in the fascia or more internal areas of the body, that's harder.

So yea.. sexual energy? I trace and trace and trace the microcosmic orbit (up the spine, and down the front), and well... the only thing it seems to do is take my mind off the general sensitivity, or irritation in my genitals, though it doesn't really transmute anything. Maybe if I do it for a long time.. then obviously it can have more permanent effects. It feels like my attention is just stuck there, even when I try to move it.

The only known way I know to 'sublimate' is to focus on something else, and be intensely caught up in it that I forget about anything sexual. Even so, sometimes it can show up while I'm doing something and as it 'awakens' but it awakens and it gets intense as I try to calm it back down.

The only exercise I know that has helped me ... and not because of 'energy movement' , or at least not in the sense of something light and not dense thick, real physical material movement.... are the 6th tibetan rite of rejuvenation, and standing meditation in a low bent knee stance. I got the latter exercise from a book Jack Greenwoods "The Ultimate Power" but the book is so vague in detail just as much energy based and/or spiritual/personal empowerment material. The basic exercise is just to stand in a somewhat low stance with knees bent, and draw earth energy up and down the body through your feet and back into the Earth, and it has to be done for a good amount of time, ie 15 minutes or more.

It seems those are really physical exercises, so that may be a reason.. but I dont think it has much to do with some kind of light energy, if anything sexual energy can be rather grounded, dense and really heavy. So the physical exercises kinda act in some way as if it might be a type of 'bone marrow nei kung' in which you use muscle to pack or guide energy to certain areas of the body. In the 6th tibetan rite, not so much but it has an effect of pullin in the navel such that your genitals are pulled inwards and left that way, which kind of numbs the genitals, and draws blood out from them. The second exercise kinda.. packs the energy into the legs and inner thigh groin/hip joints and stuff.

AS for the five tibetan rites.. I did read somewhere that the Five Tibetan Rites can be a good exercise if done Everyday without missing a day, with time it can make the denser energies in the body, especially the sexual, take a light, and more electric feeling and would make it perhaps easier to handle. I think that is without the sixth rite.. although the sixth rite is probably good to do since the five tibetans by themselves can make you get so much energy that much of it can become sexual and you might need it at least for the minimum amount of reps.