Avoid stimulation altogether or just "orgasm?"

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So my question is.. as for karezza, should I be avoiding stimulation altogether, or just orgasm?

Also.. as regards the definition of "whole body orgasm as described in this article: http://www.reuniting.info/wisdom/neotaoism_and_karezza
I am a little unclear. I've never had a whole body orgasm, but I've had the mini orgasms. Does the whole body orgasm include contractions like the genital orgasm or is it more like... for example having goosebumps around particular areas of the body, or for example when you hug someone and there are goosebumps.

Ive never had the chance to see how a whole body orgasm could be acheived by directing the mini-orgasmic energy upwards, but I do wonder if it would result in the same feelings one would get through tickling and goosebumps, or some what of a 'critical mass' point which may occur with any build up of stimulation by touch which can also be directed upwards. Is this the same as whole body orgasm or is it something entirely different? Is it the same as 'relaxation/soothing' or is it more stimulating/energizing, or does it simply promote the calm sort of energy which is clarity?


In my experience, as long as I was trying for any kind of "orgasmic experience," karezza was not an option. That doesn't mean karezza isn't enjoyable...especially after one's brain is off of "hot sex" for a while so it becomes more sensitive to subtleties. It just means that karezza is an experience you "fall" into (the "zone"). That is, striving for some type of orgasm can actually prevent the level of non-goal-orientedness necessary for the pleasure of karezza.

I'm not discouraging you from experimenting with the techniques you named, just making it easier to distinguish one path from another.

For this reason, if you want to try karezza in a new relationship, you will get best results by engaging in non-sexual bonding behaviors *only* for a couple of weeks. And then gently adding intercourse, with almost no movement. Cupid has a three-week program in the back to make this easier to stick to. Wink

You might find this slide show interesting. It includes the experience of a young couple at the end: http://www.reuniting.info/download/The%20Hidden%20Factor%20in%20Relation...