How to Ween Yourself Off Porn

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Hello All,

Just thought I'd share an idea about getting off porn. I'm curious to know what you think or if you have had any experience trying this.

As for myself, I've used Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBD) in other areas of my life and thought that this could be applied to porn addiction as well. If you are familiar with CBD this should make sense. The whole idea is take small steps toward a common goal. So if quitting porn seems like the impossible, break it down in to smaller steps that you feel comfortable with.

Starting with masturbation with porn as your base. The next step could look something like this:

1) Masturbation to porn that is not as intense. So if you are really into POV porn or busty blondes, then switch to something that isn't so exciting.

2) Masturbation with porn but with no sound.

3) Masturbation with porn in your mind, not on a computer screen.

4) Masturbation with a fantasy of a women in your mind.

5) Masturbation with no fantasy.

The whole idea is to make each masturbation less intense. Now somebody else's list may look different than this but you get the idea. So the first thing you need to do is write down what your list looks like.

As for myself, I can get through a few weeks without masturbating or viewing porn at all. However, what I have learned is that when I do masturbate I go back to porn most of the time. Why? Because it's highly rewarding. Fortunately for myself, porn urges aren't very strong, however they are still there. So if I do get the urge, I will skip the porn.

Absolutely and thanks for

Absolutely and thanks for sharing. I think if we look at giving up porn and masturbation all together that may seem like an impossible task. David and Goliath proportions. It seems nearly impossible partly because many of us have made porn and masturbation something to big in our lives that if we let go it would leave a huge void in our lives.

One thing I forgot to mention is to take your time in doing this. When you feel comfortable moving to the next step, then proceed. If you find yourself falling, fall back just a step and keep going.